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        20. Re: Probation

        I have to agree with you on some points and somewhere in posts past I think I even said they need something other then probation cause I knew to many that take the 5 and continue on.


        I feel as they they were lazy as well and a quit percentile would be a good stat to have. The more you quit the less less likely you are to be matched with someone that actually plays the game for the full time.

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          21. Re: Probation

          i hate stupid team mates. that is all probation my butt


          and i dont mean i tk on purpose. i really hate stupid team mates... mindless rushers

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            22. Re: Probation

            No one gets probation unless they deserve it, except in league play, but nobody plays league play so who cares. Five minutes is nothing; take a leak and grab a drink and it's over.

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              23. Re: Probation

              you know what? if they want me to stay in games make sure its something that has atleast half the game to go im not staying in a game i just joined to lose. i just bought whatever its called with all the dlc. if i get into a match that im ABOUT to lose im leaving thats final if i go into probation. i will expect a full refund. for both the game and the other stupid crap i got.


              i didnt buy a game i cant use.


              this is trully the most ignorant thing this company can do.


              i will not be buying future COD games. turned to trash anyways.


              only been sticking around for another WW2 remake and that doesnt look like its happening.

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                24. Re: Probation

                i just bought the dlc premium pack if i get this form of banning for simply leaving a game too many times i will be getting a refund. i dont plan to buy another cod game. its turned into a trash series anyways. now this is trully a whole new level and to even support it is ignorant. nicely done. and leaving a game doesnt mean they deserve it. just dumb.

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                  25. Re: Probation

                  If you don't like people backing out get yourself a better internet so you can host...its my xbox my game my internet not yours. I will do what I want if the game is unplayable for me...

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                    26. Re: Probation

                    Depends upon where they are placed. if in hijacked and the guns are in the right place it will spawn them where the guns will get them the momeny they come in to the open.

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                      27. Re: Probation

                      I hate playing in games that finish with only a couple people on the other team. The lobby doesn't fill up and we spend the next 5 min searching for one or two people. Its stupid boring

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                        28. Re: Probation

                        This is ridiculous... I keep getting kicked when I only have 1 TeamKill on hardcore and then have probation. This is  f u c k i n g  pathetic. I paid my $60 now let me play my game. I understand if someone is legit quitting, but frankly, life happens and if someone needs to quit so be it. I already got rid of this game on xbox because it was doing this crap - keep it up and I'll never get another COD

                        Last Edited: May 5, 2013 2:33 PM
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                          29. Re: Probation

                          Treyarch has always said that not having new players join when other quit is the best option because otherwise most games would be forfeited. I'm not really sure what is wrong with that. The winning team gets the win, the losers lose and on to the next game.


                          Treyarch says they want the game to be fast paced (which it mostly is) because that's what players want. Then why do we have a bunch of lethal scorestreaks that will do the work for us? Yes it is fun for the players to get but it's probably the number 1 reason for players quitting.


                          I think to bring the game back to a more pure experience the scorestreaks need to go. Have 5 or 6 streaks only. UAV, Counter UAV, Sentry Gun, Stealth Chopper, Warthog and Dogs/Swarm (not both). If you want a lot kills go out and get them with your gun. It will be more satisfying.

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