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    Dashboarded after a 2 1/2 hour grief game.

      If you get into a lobby with a player by the name of [Removed by Moderator] don't stay in the lobby with him. He plays like a total noob and after a grueling 2 hour + grief game we finally had the mob whittled down to the last zombie, his team was all destroyed early in the round, it was round 19; and this sack of crap, after 2 hours of playing dashboards, ruining not only an awesome game, but our 6 game win streak that evening.


      This is not ok. This guy shouldn't have been able to get away with something like this. It's bad enough in normal multiplayer but after a 2 hour game where you are actually invested...it's not right. I felt compelled to say something about this player as I really don't think I've ever been this salty after a game in my 10 plus years of playing COD.