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    Probation is a Joke at this point.

      I have not played the game for about a week now, I log in to play the game and I am on probation. It gives me the warning message and then puts me straight on probation. 5 minutes is not a week. The probation timer needs to be stored server side with the stats, and not client side, where if the game is turned off before it expires it still makes a person wait the 5 minutes the next time they log in. If was kept with the stats this problem would not happen. So yeah probation is definately not working as it should and right now is just a minor annoyance and nothing else.


      Cant wait for Destiny to come out, probably will quit playing CoD at that point and go back to Bungie and their games. At least they worked as was expected and did not have these sort of inane issues that should not still exist in the game.