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    Is Richtofen Good?  Maxis Evil


      Hey everyone I started this post over on CoDz and thought some of you may be interested in it.  Thanks for reading!



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          Yeah, good post mate. Definitely in agreement that Richtofen is the lesser of two evils.

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            I have to disagree. Richtofen had been plotting against Maxis for quite some time before he was teleported and touched the mpd. from there he only became crazier. Not only did he try to kill Maxis but he also would have killed Samantha, a little girl (if all went to plan). So in my eyes Ma is isnt necessarily evil. He is just hell bent on revenge, which I would be too if someone tried to harm myself and my daughter. Playing as Richtofen was great, but I still think he is the more EVIL one of the two. The whole laugh at the end of the moon threw me off though. Sounded like he gave a reasonable explanation in Tranzit though.

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              What difference would it make if he's only good deep down?


              If there's a demon in him then the demon is still calling the shots, right?


              Nothing has changed.


              That still makes his actions the actions of the demon regardless of a good Richtofen being present somewhere inside him.


              Then...we're still following the orders of a demon.


              Did I miss something?

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                Yes, but Richtofen only became properly 'insane' when he first touched the MPD. He had no real designs on Killing Samantha before this, as it was only after the MPD had been discovered, that Richtofen started his plot to bring the downfall of Maxis. He was ambitious, and obviously, eccentric, but he was devouted to his work, rather than out and out world domination.


                They both became paranoid and dangerous when they experimented with the use of Element 115, and as such, became exposed to the toxins it emits.


                Pretty much how the same effect have now caused global exposure to the human race, these two, along with all the others in Group 935 became paranoid of one and others actions, and subsequently, went insane.


                They all conspired against each other, and ultimately, Maxis' actions proved to be more evil than Richtofens towards the human race.


                He is DEFINITELY the more evil of the two, but really, there is NO good guy here.

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                  Good read though, sorry forgot to add that!

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                    Best post I've seen in a while regarding the storyline.  Nice work!  It actually sparked me up a little and made me realize just how dull the light inside me was getting from lack of storyline progression.

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                      I honestly don't think he is possessed... rather... persuaded.


                      Richtofen constantly hears "voices" in his head. That is probably the demon, telling him what to do and what his reward will be.


                      I believe Richtofen is under the control of influence, not a supernatural force.

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                        maybe we might know the answer to this question at the end of BOII. Who can really know though, I feel as though their exposure to 115 made them both equally evil

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                          I never formed an opinion on the state of Richtofen, but in the case of the OP's theory Richtofen might as well have been killed completely and replaced by a demon.


                          It makes no difference. If a demon is still calling the shots then Richtofen is still a bad guy.

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