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        Actually Hawk Batman Begins is my favorite of the three movies. It had the best plot and Liam Neeson is always great. However Bale does play Wayne with virtually no personality in all three movies or plays him very one note.


        You are right the Dark Knight fan boys would be obnoxious no matter what, lol.


        So are any of you going to Star Trek this weekend. I have always been a Star Trek fan every since I started watching the reruns in the early 70's. Was a dedicated watcher of STNG and watched a lot of both Deep Space Nine and Voyager. I do like STNG the best, loved Data.


        Really liked J.J's first Star Trek movie nice nods to us fans and was also very welcoming to non fans, he made a great movie and all the trailer for this one look great!! So definitely want to see it but might not go until next Wednesday on my day off verus trying to go on the weekend.

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          Abrams' Star Trek was great.  I'm really looking forward to the new one.  There's a chance I may see it this weekend, but if not, I'm not sure when I'll get another chance. 

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            Oh the days of having very little kids, do not miss them, lol.


            So Star Trek is looking more and more like next Wednesday.

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              I definitely plan to see Star Trek: Into Darkness, but not sure exactly when just yet.  I think the earliest I'll see it is Sunday afternoon.  It looks pretty fun, though!  Chris Pine was pretty cool in the first one and look forward to seeing what he'll be doing in the sequel.

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                I really enjoyed the whole cast in Star Trek, of course loved Pine, thought Quinto did a nice Spock and Urban totally channelled Deforrest Kelly. Simon Pegg was hilarious as Scotty and Bana made a great villain.

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                  So IM3 topped a billion worldwide and by the end of the weekend will be 12th all time worldwide and 25th domestically all time. At its current trajecotry and it will move into the top 5 worldwide all time and top ten dometsically. I knew it would do well but did not forsee these box office numbers. It will be the biggest box office movie of 2013, wow!!

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                    Haha, I'd wait for Man of Steel to come out before you call it the biggest box office of 2013.  I wouldn't be shocked to see that do really well because of Nolan's name attached to it and the trailers have gotten plenty of interest.  It's not coming off a huge blockbuster like Avengers and Superman isn't on the hot streak IM is, but you never know.

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                      Man of Steel will do well and will probably be the #2 movie of the year unless Fast & Furious out does it, but Man of Steel will do nowhere as well internationally. Domestically I see it doing over 300 but IM is going to do over 400 domestically.

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                        Don't forget The Hobbit - DOS is also coming out this year.  I don't doubt IM3 has a very good chance of being the top movie of the summer and maybe even 2013, but it still has some good competition.

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                          Ah, yeah, I forgot about the Hobbit!  I imagine that should do really well Internationally.