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    What do you hope is fixed with Ghosts versus BO2?

      I have played every COD Multiplayer since Modern Warfare came out in 2007. I have achieved maximum prestige on every title. I have logged well over 30 days playing for every title. The previous points were not to brag but inform you of the amount of experience I have playing COD. I am not some dude that lives in my parents basement... I am actually a white collar professional who enjoys online gaming because it allows me to stay in touch and have fun with old Army buddies and friends. I would really like to know what you would like to see in Ghosts versus BO2.


      I enjoyed the Modern Warfare series more than the W@W and BO series. I was however impressed with how BO2 changed how you can create and customize a classes. I would actually like to see the same point system, but it would also be nice to see Pro Perks again. I hope that Ghosts keeps the challenges running through each prestige versus resetting after each prestige. I hope Ghosts does not use the same match making algorithm that BO2 uses. I hope Ghosts does not cater to one specific type of play style. I don't think Ghosts could possibly have worse spawning than BO2 because I don't see how it could get any worse. I would love to see the developers more engaged and in tune with actual everyday online players. League can disappear. Actually, anything that does not improve or enhance the experience of playing online needs to be removed. What I mean by this is anything that could remotely negatively effect one's connection, game play, or matchmaking needs to be removed.


      Please let me know what you think should stay or go. Thank you.