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    MeCHaNICAL MaYHeM ~ The Party Tour Group

      Hey everyone, sites back... sort of

      this is gonna take awhile to get used to it's like some kind of GH5/GH:A hybrid with the color scheme, not that anyone remembers the black and orange aerosmith days lol


      anyway, been awhile since I gave a group description, this is gonna bomb:


      Hello, welcome to the mystical and wonderous tour group of MeCHaNICAL MaYHeM!

      If you haven't stopped reading yet, you have what it takes to join this madness.  We are a group of about 20 active members, and until the last site exploded held the #3 spot for groupies (or fourth I don't remember and it really wasn't about numbers)  We're a group made for the purpose of hangingout and having a good time while enjoying the thrills and trills of guitar hero (and other games too!).


      And if that isn't a terrible enough description for you, then nigerian monkfish

      theres a friendly community, and tournaments with prizes

      we have a facebook page, come check us out


      wil that link work? don't count on it


      here is our xat chat used for matchups when we host toga parties and other events



      remember its BYOT  for bring your own toga, or big yellow octopus towel, whichever makes more sense

      we do have spare toga's but you do not want to wear those... nasty stuff


      did I forget anything? umm yes I did but I don't know how to word it so Im just going to type whatever comes to mind swordfish orange soda spin doctors tsunami


      at some point I'll write a great description, it will be so great that alexander the great will have to change his name to alexander the less great than this description

      it will be so great that the great lakes will have to be classified as the good lakes instead

      it will be so great, I said it will be soooooooo great THAT sixflags great adventure will be renamed sixflags average adventure

      It will be so great that these terrible attempts at jokes will be seen just as horrible as they do right now


      in other news... o hai everybody