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      I am kind of not liking these forum moderators locked multiple threads because there is already some old duplicate thread.


      Now, if someone is repeatedly posting the same thing over and over, I can see this to help. But just because there is an old post from a year ago and we didn't search the Entire forum for the exact same post, I don't think it should be locked. The majority of the posts that get locked are ones that I click on because I'm interested to see what the person had to say. It is not a subject that I'd actively search, but when I'm browing through the most recent post, I like to read them.


      So, I think the mods are just abusing their power when it comes to this. I know "rules are rules", but does everything have to be "black or white"?...just use some discretion. If the forum post isn't annoyingly repetitive, just leave it, so others can read and comment on it. We tend to read and comment of the post that are more active and recent, and locking it just to say 'search and comment on old ones' is counter-productive to the main purpose of the forum itself.


      Its a knowlegde base. If we make a post, and its already somewhere else, don't lock it, just post a link to that forum in the comments so we can read those too.


      Thank You for reading. I hope someone else hasn't said this too in the past, so this post won't get locked...

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          crome420 wrote:

          I know "rules are rules", but does everything have to be "black or white"?...

          basically yes else it would be a guideline and abused.

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            You'll probably get banned for not posting this in off-topic, lol.


            The mods do seem to have a very black/white view, but thats prolly because they don't want to lose mod status by going into a gray area.

            I'd understand if someone posted back to back threads on the PDW so that all the new threads showed it but when the search function only shows a couple of old ones and they are from the BO2 relase date day then it should be OK to start a new one.

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              You are expected to post responsibly when creating new threads. Duplicates of existing threads, authored by yourself or not, and gratuitous bumping is considered spam. Spam is subject to lock or deletion at our discretion.

              You can find the above in our Black Ops 2 Community Etiquette & Guidelines.

              Searching for existing posts is your responsibilty, and it's important to pool community sentiment into one thread instead of scattering it over several. Topics will garner more attention if they are large threads. I realize the way the forum breaks out large threads is wonky, but it's better to read it through and add to the discussion than branch off and make a repeat thread.

              Your best bet is BEFORE posting a new thread SEARCH for that topic. If users do that we will have a lot less spam and duplicates.


              PS - Moved to Website Feedback Subforum.

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                      crome420 wrote:



                      To be blunt: If you do not like it, then please feel free to leave. Just know that most forums operate the way that we do too.


                      The threshold for locking due to repeated content does not include years. At most it pertains to months, but it is more frequently days to a few weeks. This is evident by common topics existing which have grown large.


                      Hyperbole when criticizing the working structure of something you wish to change does not make your position more acknowledgeable. It only makes it easier to dismiss you and anything you have to say.


                      Again, here is our Black Ops 2 Community Etiquette & Guidelines.


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