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      Im sure that they will add something like that.


      The Kinectic Orbital Strike is rumored to be the new "boss" killstreak this time. Since tungsten is used to make it and all that kind of stuff....You can google it if you want more info.


      In my personal opinion it should be like the NUKE from MW2, but it is a 25 gunstreak this time, so kills earned from killstreaks don´t count.


      If it is like a MOAB, IT MUST freeze both match time countdown and score(unlike the MOAB). There shouldn´t be a way to survive it(Killing yourself with 1 second left to the explosion)



      What you guys think? You prefer the MOAB, the NUKE, my version of an NUKE, or nothing(you prefer to not having these things in the game)?


      What you guys think about the Kinectic Orbital Strike(KOS)?