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    Classic zombies challenge! (Revised)

      Thought up a new challenge... everyone seems to agree that WaW and BO1 zombies were better than BO2, but what if you could make a "classic" zombie experience in BO2?



      1. You must be in Nacht der Untoten in TranZit by round 2
      2. Once round 2 begins, you must stay in the building. You cant go into the outside area.
      3. You can only use the M14 and M1911
      4. No guns may be Pack-a-Punched
      5. Monkey Bombs are allowed, EMPs are not
      6. You cant buy any perks. Also, no permaperks.
      7. No buildables allowed. You may use a turbine to get claymores and semtexs but you must destroy it before entering Nacht.
      8. You cant use the bowie knife or Galvaknuckles.



      Any number of people can attempt this. Post your highest round and your gamertag and i will check your game in Theater mode. Also, save the UNEDITED game film and name it "Classic challenge".


      The end date is July 1st.


      Theres a prize for winning the challenge! Its a code for a zombie avatar outfit (female) which DEFINATELY wasnt left over from the collectors edition or anything like that.


      Have fun!

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