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    What would have made Tranzit better?

      I think Tranzit would have been better if it was for the next-gen consoles the map is huge but had little replay value as there was so little to do not many wall weapons,a pain in the ass method to pack a punch,perks were hard to get to and overall was a really dull map.

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          Re: What would have made Tranzit better?

          Very dull, boring map. Trollarch should be ashamed of Tranzit.

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            Re: What would have made Tranzit better?

            Took a while to put the power on, Denizens, and wall weapons like you said. I can only think of 5 wall weapons, B23R, remmington, Olympia, M14, and MP5. This made people be a whore and not open the door to the box in the diner as they tried for a Ray gun. BTW, the jet gun wasn't the best they could have done.

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              Re: What would have made Tranzit better?

              If they didn't make the map basically entirely brown (or entirely white in the power area lol), made a WW that was fun and good, a lot of things. It's just a pretty bad map in my opinion, I think they would have been better off not using that map in the first place, but they probably ran out of time nearing launch and couldn't scrap it

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                Re: What would have made Tranzit better?

                I love tranzit it's a fun map to play, you can't reach high rounds in it but its FUN but they could've added more stuff into it because its a huge map with not too much going around.

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                  Re: What would have made Tranzit better?

                  The best thing that it could be better , if they had chairs or something to hold on in the bus , bumpy roads -_-

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                    Re: What would have made Tranzit better?

                    YOUR MAMAS TITTIEESS BRAHH!!! :-D :-X o_O

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                      Re: What would have made Tranzit better?

                      i think if the map had more colour it would've looked nicer, in terms of features, its a huge map and theres only 6 perks? 5 if solo, all perks should've been in there as that was a good trend COTD - Moon, no WW, instead buildables were introduced one of which was the $hit Gun - the problem with this is that its too unfairly balanced IMO, they always talk about balencing and yet theres only 1 pro to the gun and maybe 5 cons if not more, the EE was a pain to do and we got nothing for it except for a power up which we'd never have time to get, it wasnt fun like big bang theory either, everything about the map failed, many of the issues here are also present more so in $hittown Zombies.

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                        Re: What would have made Tranzit better?

                        i agree that when your playing with random people online, it can be dull and boring, but in a party, i find it is one of the best zombies map, just dont take it serious and you'll have more fun

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                          Re: What would have made Tranzit better?

                          Like many have said, there was not enough wall guns in the map due to its sheer size. There was a lso a realy lack of perks as well. I could understand Flopper not being on that map, but Mule Kick, Dead Shot, and a couple more new perks would've made the map a ton more interesting. Also, Pack-a-Punch should've stayed open after the first time it is opened. Those are my main issues with that map.

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                            Re: What would have made Tranzit better?

                            Top 10 Reasons why Tranzit Sucks Ass!


                            1: The travel time takes forever. Either you run or wait for the bus, they both take forever.

                            2: Denizens; they slow down travel time and their screeches get repetitive and annoying.

                            3: Pack-a-Punch; You would have to speed run to get the Pack-a-Punch open and once you left the room it shuts. One of the worst ideas ever from the zombies team.

                            4: Instead or a pieced together nice map you get a giant map with small branched off parts.

                            5: There is no point of the fog, they spend all this time on the small travel paths just to have all the details blocked off. WTF.

                            6: Lack of wall weapons

                            7: Lack of Perks

                            8: The Turbine Gun sucked ass out of a straw! I tried using it and I only got one kill before it exploded.

                            9: A little too much lava.

                            10: THAT FRIGGIN JUMP IN THE POWER STATION. I would hate when I would play solo and I am going 30+ rounds or just starting up, I would be training one zombies and I would just miss the jump. I would throw my controller across the room.


                            May God have mercy on the one's soul who thought of the ideas of this map.

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                              Re: What would have made Tranzit better?

                              In my mind, Tranzit isn't that bad of a map. It was a huge disappointment and its probably near the bottom of my maps list, but its still not as bad as some including myself have made it out to be. The map just needed more. If it had a big epic EE that made use of the giant sized map and each location, while giving the players a reward and progressing some kind of story line, then that would have been a big help to the map. Another big help would be some kind of switch inside PaP that can be bought to keep the door open. No reason to have to constantly collect the turbine and open the door once its already open.


                              Some other things I would have recommended are things to make the map more fun and harder at the same time. The first would be that a map that size needs to have a lot of perks and a couple of extra wall guns. Something to give the players options and make use of destinations that aren't worth going to. They also needed to add a second boss. Some kind of Brutus/ George boss thats strong and chases people, but can be taken out for a few rounds. Something that makes the map a little harder and forces players to use their fridge guns early and the bank, since these two features are wasted on such an easy empty map. And improve the buildables, since half of them are a waste. They don't need to be super powered, but they should have tried to come up with creative uses for them cause nobody uses the turret or trap.


                              I think had they done these things and fixed the survival maps, then Zombies would have been awesome from the start. And by fix the survival maps, what I mean is they should have been different maps. The same destinations, but prebombed. That way they look better with slightly different layouts, and are their own maps as opposed to sections of another map. Town predestroyed with the barber shop, bowling alley, laundromat, church since the road wouldn't have been destroyed, and maybe the upstairs of the bank, all accessible would have been a great map by itself.

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                                Re: What would have made Tranzit better?
                                • i belive that at the end when you do all the easter eggs a new dor will open and you will be able to survive and see a cutscene!!!!!!
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                                  Re: What would have made Tranzit better?

                                  I wish they had put in more easter egg stuff... They had the hugest map to put in EEs and theres nothing... i mean, why not have something like the spork in MOTD? Do x y and z and then Mule Kick pops up in Nacht. Do a b and c and you can get into a new area. Its such wasted opportunity.

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                                      Re: What would have made Tranzit better?

                                      I feel, and hope for a bunch, that the opportunity is there still. I'm mostly banking on something happening with the giant structure opposite of Power hidden in the fog. Perhaps Mule will pop up there, along with a new wall gun or two? Maybe another shortcut from Power towards anywhere? High hopes, maybe, but I think that the overall EE obviously involved with these maps will provide a nice surprise for all of us at the end and upon completion- whether it be all Maxis one way, or all Richtofen another- and perhaps will begin the start of the true zombie campaign, if one will happen.


                                      Lots of if's and maybe's- who knows. Tranzit still continues to be one of my favorites- I like the feeling it gives me.

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                                          Re: What would have made Tranzit better?

                                          I'm more in for a lava resistant OR denizen repellent perk. It was the only reason why I didn't go in the fog much. Not to meantion the teleporter hates me and loves teleporting me into the fog. I personally liked staying in the diner. But like someone meantioned before, when you kill an Avagadro, it doesn't give you a power up. A fire sale/ bonfire sale, or other power up would be cool or maybe a wonder weapon mystery box as a reward which would cost 950 points and be located at Town/ Bus Depot. It would have stuff like the Wunderwaffe, Scavenger, Sliquifer, and more. Tranzit wasn't that bad but isn't my favorite. Cell block all the way.

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                                        Re: What would have made Tranzit better?

                                        They should have made the fog areas smaller, its so boring running between them as  well as making it almost impossible to revive someone if they go down.


                                        It also isn't really a team map, everyone just goes off on their own and if you do down your f***ed. Also, as said above, they should have added more perks and wall weapons because its such a big map

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                                          Re: What would have made Tranzit better?

                                          yeah I like all the perk and wall gun ideas. Here is my list


                                          1. Smaller fog paths/Faster bus

                                          2. Make all the tables ables to build anything like in MOTD

                                          3. I would like to be rewared to killing the  avagodro in some way (points perk bottle or somthing)


                                          The list goes on but thats all I can think of right now

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                                            Re: What would have made Tranzit better?

                                            less playable areas, like three but make em bigger like the size of der riese. Have a few shortcuts to save time on foot like the one from diner to town. I think it would of made it much more interesting and it should of had a few secrets in the fog that we could of discovered.

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                                              Re: What would have made Tranzit better?
                                              1. I loved tranzit when I got it. The things I want or didn't like was:
                                              2. Could they have at least made  a safe path through the fog to stop those denizens

                                              SSSSTTTTTTTAAAAAATTTTIIIIIIIOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNN JUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                              1. 4. Why couldn't the avagdro dropped a perk/max ammo/ fire sale?

                                              5. Lava Perk That lets you take no damage from lava

                                              6. Make the jet gun so that if you overheat it you cant use it for 15 seconds(You can only lose it by going down)

                                              7. Make the buildables last longer

                                              8. Make it so that the jet gun also works as a turbine

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                                                Re: What would have made Tranzit better?

                                                What game mode does everyone think power station will be?

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                                                  Re: What would have made Tranzit better?

                                                  I 100% agree on you guys on wishing the Avagadro would give you at least something he's a pain in the ass to kill on high rounds and gives you nothing. Same with denizens wish they would have at least given you 10 points when you killed them there annoying with the sound they make.

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                                                    Re: What would have made Tranzit better?

                                                    mule kick

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                                                      Re: What would have made Tranzit better?

                                                      mule kick

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                                                        Re: What would have made Tranzit better?

                                                        I personally love Tranzit.. It has huge potential And maybe the main hub

                                                        for connecting maps like many gamers theories believe. Its depository.

                                                        If not, heres my two cents on making it even better to beat BO1.


                                                        Give the gamers what weve relentlessly tried to unlock..

                                                        A connection to Nuketown..

                                                        Create a way to unlock that 2nd bus, something not too difficult for your

                                                        non-so-dominant gamers. Once arriving in Nuketown.. Allow the bomb shelter

                                                        to be unlocked while creating a mini map (tunnel network) in dlc 3 which ultimately

                                                        has 4 points of access. All of which were hints to gamers thr maps are related.


                                                        1. Depot

                                                        2. Tunnel (btwn diner and depot)

                                                        3. PaP area

                                                        4. Bomb shelter (nuketown)


                                                        Thus, allowing two ways of traveling between maps (bus/tunnel).

                                                        Still interested in this idea? Then follow.. it continues.


                                                        Create a massive buildable in Nuketown which enables that teleporter we

                                                        have all seen in the maps intro comic strip.. Ultimately it would connect

                                                        Die Rise to Tranzit and you could create a buildable in Die Rise to regenerate

                                                        the machine to get back to Tranzit (plane MOTD).


                                                        Still interested? It continues..


                                                        DLC 3 ultimate map should be Fishermans Dwarf(pier 39)/Small section of SF.

                                                        Pier 39 is actually tourists access by boat to Alcatraz if u have not been.. Fyi.

                                                        Creating a green run type thing for MOTD.. There should be buildables like a

                                                        damaged boat dock and a boat to reach Alcatraz.. Ultimately connecting the

                                                        maps and creating a link.

                                                        But before these 2 buildables there should be another.. A beacon/lighthouse.

                                                        Allowing you to divert your flight plan on alcatraz and connecting the gg bridge.


                                                        Still there? Ok my madness continues then..


                                                        DLC 4 should be a map like COD4s multiplayer map Wet Work (ship). It should include

                                                        a mini map at its dock area in the begining before the ship departs. Which takes

                                                        Place in a water chanel below some skyscrapers in China.

                                                        If you notice..  Shanghai and SF are both pacific cities. This would ultimately

                                                        Connect the two maps and make the entire BO2Z connected and playable.


                                                        How would this massive (world) map be playable? It would take forever!

                                                        I was a huge fan of the game Warhawk because of large lobies and huge maps.

                                                        8-12 player lobbies and that depository in Tranzit where I have my fortunes

                                                        would make it fast. Why the hell allow 250k in Tranzit just because?

                                                        Why are the navcard tables still irrelevant? This could conn. everything.


                                                        It would make skilled players like myself play a lot longer and the less skilled

                                                        and less motivated players more curious and wanna get better.

                                                        I can get absolutely everything in Tranzit and beast it by round 10. MOTD by 12.

                                                        This would be epic and make Tranzit not so damn mysterious.


                                                        BTW: I always wondered about the energy wall in the power plant

                                                        u set the turbine to open PaP. If you took the 2 turbines from the TOB

                                                        easter egg setting the first one in front of the PaP door then the 2nd

                                                        in the plant.. Maybe they do open something else.. Yes im mad..

                                                        But Tranzit left a big damn question mark on my head.

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                                                          Re: What would have made Tranzit better?

                                                          Mule kick

                                                          more wonder weapons

                                                          some way to get free perk bottle... avagadro?

                                                          take the bus on the highway near diner- to maybe behind the bus depot or another stop

                                                          flopper phd

                                                          a sidequest- like a buildable thats actually worth building (like the motd plane)

                                                          perk to see better in fog, and maybe to repel denizens and resist lava

                                                          like someone else said more secrets in the fog

                                                          more to hunters cabin and nacht ( although there could be more in next step of ee)

                                                          pap to be less terrible to access, without mics it is impossible and on solo its hard

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                                                              Re: What would have made Tranzit better?

                                                              Your responding to a post thats old, the last  response was 7 months ago. alot of the threads on the right hand side are old, anyway I agree with the mule kick and the build able side quest. Everything else would make tranzit even easier than it is already.

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                                                              Re: What would have made Tranzit better?

                                                              I HAVE THE SKULL WITH BLUE EYES AND 5 TALLIES.

                                                              KILLS 69465

                                                              DOWNS 1647

                                                              ACCURACY 87 %

                                                              HEADSHOTS 19%

                                                              DOORS 1518

                                                              PERKS DRANK 887

                                                              GERNADES KILL 1525

                                                              MILES 1222


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