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        30. Re: Bring back Hardcore CTF

        I know how you feel n3rd_Gweebz. Thank you for starting this discussion n3rd_Gweebz And special thanks to Fox Hound Pro for allowing it to remain open. I joined an online gaming community while BO1 was out and progressively made my way up through the ranks. There were about 16 clans total in OGC. Some would primarily play TDM, others would play a variety, but the clan I was in only played HC CTF and we LOVED it. I eventually became a section leader over two clans within the community. I LOVE CALL OF DUTY, but I took it for granted. I made this discovery when Modern Warfare 3 came out and did not offer Hardcore Cap the flag for months. The clan members wouldn't join in together like before. Some went to HC DOM, some went to KC but didn't enjoy DOM, some left and started other games and so on. As a leader I needed to make myself available and play with the troops, but I just didn't enjoy it anymore. I decided that I needed to step down and let someone else take over. I stopped playing COD all together and switched to Battlefield 3. Though I enjoyed BF3, it was merely a cheap substitute for the Black Ops game I loved so much.

        I understand that for some programming reason, it's not be possible to an additional game mode in our hardcore playlist. When I started playing COD World at War, I could play various game modes and it didn't matter. However, when I became a dedicated and loyal COD player I got hooked on Hardcore mode, and after the switch, core CTF just doesn't cut it for me anymore. I am disabled and cannot work. Black Ops 2 has even helped me overcome my depression. I enjoy it so much I would literally play for over 24 hours sometimes, keeping a full party of 6 (except from 4am until 7am). I have over 32 days of online play with the majority of it being Hardcore CTF. I had over 1,000 captures and around 4,000 returns. However, allot of my friends won't play now because we were all HC CTF fans. It's one thing to loose your favorite game mode and quite the other to loose your only game mode. Do any of you know what I'm talking about? HC CTF fans are very fervent about the game mode and many, just like myself, played it exclusively. To me it seems to require more strategy, communication and teamwork that any of the other modes. I've made allot of friends there. I always played with a full team of people I knew, rather than my past core experiences of being stuck on a team of nine year olds that have no mics, running around aimlessly like chickens with their heads cut off. I think the comradely that comes with playing as a HC CTF team adds to the overall enjoyment of the game (of course winning frequently is always a good thing LOL) When HC CTF was rotated out I decided I would try HC DOM. after all, I was a DOM fan when I first started playing COD a kazillion years ago. I tried HC DOM for two days but... OMFG, it wasn't pretty. LOL  All I have to say is, THANK GOD for the Mob of the Dead zombie map. I've been playing MOTD about every day since. And I mean almost every day. I've been researching, learning and posting anywhere I could find for part of my day, every day, for the past 55 days trying to get  Devs to consider bringing HC CTF back.


        Weather you give us back HC CTF or not, I really hope this message makes it to someone over there. I want to say that as developers it obvious that you worked hard to deliver this product and I'm sure you take great pride in your work, as you should. You may look at numbers and see that there are not as many hardcore players and there are core players. However, I want you to know that your efforts have improved the quality of my life and you're reading a comment from someone that truly appreciates your work. If there is any way that you can find a way to bring Hardcore CTF back to your game it would mean more to me than I could ever describe. Thank you for your time.

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          31. Re: Bring back Hardcore CTF

          I love your suggestion about holding a vote Xxace789xX. After all, if they can do it for those personalization packs, it wouldn't be impossible to do it for the Hardcore game modes. However, as much as I hate TDM, if it lost in a vote, removing it probably wouldn't be in the best interest of the game and the community. If the game mode bringing in most of the hardcore traffic by such large margin was suddenly removed, we might change from a minority of the COD community to an extinct species. Also, I never understood how TDM and KC were that much different. One seems to be TDM with coins and the other TDM without. However, I'm not saying that they are bad game modes, I just don't enjoy them.

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            32. Re: Bring back Hardcore CTF

            Go to this URL and take a look at the 15th response by Vahn.


            Let's try to stay on topic and not argue about our assumptions of what the actual facts were. It's pointless to debate about one game mode having more numbers than another or vice versa because the Devs already know the stats. Remember that BO2 is offered on four different platforms (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Wii U).

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              33. Re: Bring back Hardcore CTF

              yh and hc hq i really enjoyed that in my personal opinion was the best i could play core but hate it as i get 1 maybe 2 bullet hits and im dead where as i empty my mag in a guy and he laughs at me so only play hc

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                34. Re: Bring back Hardcore CTF

                I was saying me PERSONALLY can get 100 people, ACM said he had 262, so yeah it would be roughly 360 people, between 2 people? Thats a good number, if we can pull more, its possible. But again we cant do petitions here.

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                  35. Re: Bring back Hardcore CTF

                  If we were allowed to we might be able to get more than enough people to bring it back hopefully, if by any chance, put it in the bonus playlist to see if it can hold up. seriously two weeks, HC FFA didn't get to go through the Christmas times or DLC times.


                  BAREWarrior wrote:


                  I was saying me PERSONALLY can get 100 people, ACM said he had 262, so yeah it would be roughly 360 people, between 2 people? Thats a good number, if we can pull more, its possible. But again we cant do petitions here.

                  Basically I think what HC FFA needs is somewhere around 1K -1.5K ( added extra numbers just in case). If they can at least put it in for a month or two, and if it doesn't hold up then they can take it away. Then  I really can't complain because it was given a chance to at least bring some more people in.


                  Now with that being said, I have already have a statement prepared for those who say "Why bring back HC FFA when HC CTF is more popular". My anwser is "HC CTF has been in the game since the game's release. It had all the time to keep players happy up into the point where players were wanting HC Dom. So far HC Dom is holding more players at the moment. HC FFA wasn't given a chance it had two weeks since the game's release. A good majority of the COD fans did not join until Christmas. HC CTF made it through Christmas. My closing argument "HC FFA wasn't given a chance to thrive. I and many others would like for it to be given a chance before getting thrown away."


                  Thank you Judge (Vahn).

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                    36. Re: Bring back Hardcore CTF

                    trialstardragon wrote:




                    People just do not want SnD touched becasue they think it is competitive or takes skill to play.

                    Not really it is because it is a bomb objective. It is the most played/popular game mode, that involves a bomb objective, than Dem and HQ.....for now. That one reason why it is deemed untouchable. if they do decide to replace it. It will either be Dem or HQ.

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                      37. Re: Bring back Hardcore CTF

                      That is an interesting list if it is true. If you had the source, that would be great. I will be the first to admit that HC CTF isn't really popular on XBOX but I know it is one of the biggest on PC.


                      I still don't get why they feel the need to keep us limited to 4 HC playlists. Just bring back HC CTF and leave us alone so we don't have to keep coming back here making noise.

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                        38. Re: Bring back Hardcore CTF

                        Thanks for the support! It looks like we might be the only two though who care enough to make some noise on the forums, which is really too bad. I have been telling my clan and friends to come give their two cents but no one listens LOL.

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                          39. Re: Bring back Hardcore CTF

                          I just want to say once more, clearly:


                          The PC version already has gotten HC CTF brought back! They removed it on PC too originally and then restored it a couple of weeks later. PC currently has 5 HC games modes. This should silent any argument for not having enough room in the playlist. And number of players clearly isn't an issue either since PC had remarkably less players in general.


                          Please bring back HC CTF on 360!

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