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      This message is for gamers in and around London or people out of London as long as they are willing to travel to events. This message is detailed because it is a full detail about the team and If you are eager for a team you will read.

      I am looking for 3 players to make a four man team. Please read fully.

      ABOUT ME: I am 16 years old and I have recently got into competitive gaming, I may not be the best but if I bring the right team together we will be unstoppable. I live in London so the events will be near London.



      I am not looking for the best players individually I am looking for players who play well with a team and have a good personality and are good at making friends.

      The Plan:

      Once I have put the team together we will play league play to bond and jell, then I will enter us into MLG for game battles and online tournaments. Once we start winning tournaments I will look into amateur events for us to take part in and make a name for ourselves. The players I choose must be able to train with eachother a lot minimum 3 times a week. When we improve as a team I will organize games with other amateur teams as practice.



      The Team:

      Players should be around the age of 15-17 so we all get along the easiest.

      I am looking for players who know the maps and the game modes, hardpoint rotations, capture the flag routes and cut off points. I want someone who has knowledge of MLG, so I need someone to be co-manager of the team. The players must be willing to travel to events and not bail on the team for online tournaments. Must be mature and have the same goal as the rest of the team. 'To make it as a team'.



      If you read this all the way and want to join, message me for a try out for the team message me on xbox 'xKroniKHD'. I will try you out with other people who messaged me. It may take me some time to choose the team but I will keep in full contact the whole time. If you don't live in or near London but will travel to events still apply because thats dedication.



      How I can Help You:

      When the team grows I will get intouch with sponsors for the team. Eventually I      Will make a youtube channel for the team so we grow our reputation. When the team makes a name for itself I will get intouch with bigger Gaming Teams To get my team players moved up in the community.



      I hope you read and share the dream of the bigger picture. It will be hard work but it will be worth it.

      xKroniKHD aka Connor.