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    I'm looking for an Xbox 360 Black Ops 2 UK Clan

      A little bit about me:


      I'm 16 years old and I live in England.


      I'm in gold division rank 13 in my sub-divison for solo league play on champions series.


      I'm in platinum division for team league play with 3 of my friends on champions series.


      My best guns are: MP7, MSMC, AN-94, M8A1.


      I mainly like to use SMGs and play aggressively. However, I can also use assault rifles/LMGs and play defencively.


      I'm best suited to hardpoint, CTF and Search. But I can play any game mode.


      I used to be 5th or 6th prestige (I can't quite remember which) but I recently used fresh start to reset my data.


      I've been playing Call of Duty since the first Modern Warfare (4th CoD)


      I use a triton headset and a scuf controller.


      I have a very small amount of MLG experience.


      I'm average at quickscoping.


      I play on 7 senstivity.


      My NAT is more or less always open. However, on rare occasions it does go down to moderate.


      IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN A FEW OF MY STATS: (these stats are subject to change as I play so may not be super accurate)


      My k/d ratio is 1.82.


      My win/loss ratio is 2.50


      Previously ranked in the top 60 on FFA.



      If you wanna contact me, then reply on here or add me! My gamertag for xbox is: oo James cc