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    Black OPs 2: How TO Join A Elite Clan ON Ps3~~~BEST Clan On Ps3   OverExposedGamer everyone gets in!!!!

      Go TO http://www.callofduty.com/elite on your computer sign up, serch for clans, enter OverExposedGamer apply and your IN!!!

      or go on your PS3 click Elite Under in Multiplayer Under Barracks Click On Elite (might have to down load it first, if you already are signed up for mw3 elite go to the folder in your xmb menu under your controller icon, scroll down to botom click elite folder and download it for black ops 2) SIGN UP( IT TAKES ABOUT 3 MIN.) SEARCH CLANS, PUT IN   OverExposedGamer   And you will be accepted into the Best Clan On The Game!




      Just Started A New Clan On Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 And Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 ON the PS3, All is Welcome To Join Please Apply Quickly As There Is A Limited Amount Of Slots, All Is Welcome To Join!!! The First TO Apply Gets IN!!!!
      Good Clan Without All The BS!!!! NO TRYOUTS!!!!Join By Applying To OverEXposedGamer(PS3)


      We Do Not care about your k/d or your age, and you will never get kicked out, made to play any clan challenge. ops missions or zombies you don't want to!

      we have enough people to cover that! just JOIN US, we are like family!!!!    OverExposedGamer <~~~BEST CLAN

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