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    Before you watch the COD ALL ACCESS on the web !! SPOILERS !!

      Some places said that on the all access that you can watch multiplayer footage and I just sat thru 30 MINUTES worth of hardly nothing. Definitely not any multiplayer footage. I blame the Machinma App on the XBox that not only said multiplayer footage on the front page but had NOTHING on it until Microsoft removed the ad 2 hours after their video was supposed to show up.. Someone at Machinma needs to get their head out of their butt.


      (add the fact that the Machinma app always tells me the connection is too slow and only gives me the chance to exit. First week it wouldnt even install on the Xbox.)


      They showed you one of the single player missions which you could tell was basically "scripted". Swim some then shoot this weapon then have stuff knock you down and have your commander pull you from the wreckage, etc. The fish supposedly have AI that changes their direction when you get near but meanwhile you never get near. Stupid stuff like that. Remember in the BF3 campaign when you were supposed to shoot down the front of the building and all you had to do was pull the trigger on thee bazooka pointed anywhere at the building THEN it fell apart the same way regardless of where you hit it ?


      The second thing they talk about is the dog which is also "scripted". Basically "take care of this guy from the dogs perspective" and none of the enemy players fight back.


      The third portion was a panorama of SINGLE PLAYER portions of the game.


      There was no multiplayer anywhere in that video. And whats worse is even though its a next gen engine certain things you could see were "low gen" like for example the motions of the other player in your single player missions. His movement was way too "blocky" for a next gen engine.


      Anyone else feel diappointed after watching the All Access video ?


      By the way It was found on Softpedia on the web before the xbox got it. 4 hours later and still not on the xbox like promised by Machinma.


      Very disappointed.