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    Just for fun…try it...

      This past week I decided to put BO2 back in its case and go back and play some InfinityWard MW3 to refresh my mind as to the differences. What a treat this has been...it was like a whole new game again...it was awesome to actually shoot at someone and they actually died...only had one Host Migration in the last 5 days of playing. I am so looking forward to Ghosts.


      If you haven't played MW3 in a while I would recommend trying it out, this is of course if you had a previous positive experience while playing it. I have come to realize a greater level of respect as to how InfinityWard works in designing and executing their games versus that of Treyarch. I don't see any reason for me right now to take BO2 out of its case. I will keep playing MW3 until Ghosts comes out.