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        60. Re: Classic zombies challenge!

        Any PS3 users want to take a stab @ this later today? Ive actually trained here on random games, and its pretty fun. Never with multiple people though. Also, would like to team with people who may want to make it a little more challenging. Like only using the starting room weapons, Olympia/M14/M1911, no claymores, symtex, etc. Maybe even only staying inside the building portion similar to the original. Atleast staying in the building if you weren't glitching. Will suck having to go to the bank 1st just to grab 1k points to buy both round 1, but itll be a lot faster then chasing the box trying to get great guns and everyone trying to get monkeys and such. Just not looking for a 2 hour game for a challenge we spend less then an hour actually killing Z's.


        Mic's prefered.

        Will be available for a go in approx 5 - 6 hours from now. Roughly 6:pm - 7:pm PST.

        PSN: KA-POOooofFFff

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          61. Re: Classic zombies challenge! (Revised)

          If anyone is unsure of the rules or just wants to try this with me ill be on all day tomorrow.

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            62. Re: Classic zombies challenge! (Revised)

            There are only 2 weeks left! Submit your records soon!

            Last Edited: Jun 18, 2013 3:35 PM
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