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    Floating Buildables

      I've gotten the ATVI team to respond to me on Twitter, and they asked which buildables are floating, are they going through the map and are they out of reach?


      I responded


      @ATVIAssist Turbines on Tranzit, Tramplesteams on Die Rise. On tranzt they fly away and on Die Rise they float through the roof into the sky

      @ATVIAssist I've noticed on tranzit sometimes it will follow the bus or stop in weird locations but it is a gamebreaker early on w/ no power  

      @ATVIAssist and on Die Rise if it happens during the special boss round and it is early, it is almost guaranteed that player will die.    

      @ATVIAssist Most of the time they are out of reach. Sometimes on DRise you can take them down with a symtex because they float straight up.       



      Let's hope that this is the beginning of a realization for them!


      If anybody wants to help contact them if they don't follow through, feel free. It is about time they actually work on fixing these stupid glitches that destroy GOOD players.