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    Zombie Level Songs are getting worse and worse.

           Anybody notice that the songs in zombie levels have start sucking after Black Ops 2 was released? In Black Ops 1, I loved the songs in both "Five", and "Kino Der Toten". They were catchy and upbeat, for one thing. Anyway they released BO2 and the first song we get is "Carrion". Now this song was a little unusual sounding, and at first I didn't like it, but its grown on me some. Plus it actually has real lyrics to it.


           I think we can all agree that the song they chose for Die Rise is terrible. First of all, the only line in the whole "song" is: We all fall down, faaaaall down! that line gets old after 3 minutes. Also the song is just not musical at all, and sounds ugly.


           The song in Mob of the Dead is very anti-climactic, I honestly can barely hear it over all the in-game noise. While this song was very fitting in the opening video for the level, I don't think its as entertaining while actually in the game.


      I think it would be much better if they just made a couple deals with some REAL music artists. . . . . like maybe the one's they had in Black Ops 1. The song in Five was particularly catchy. Why can't they bring back that kind of style song again?


      Here's a song that I think would be cool to see in a future zombies level: