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    What makes a map GOOD.

      So I see that frequently around here people are always judging maps and predicting if they will be good or not. I want to make a discussion that explains all the key points that make a map good. Here are mine



      -Setting- Even though Shangri La was small and hard the amazing visuals and scenery really made it an enjoyable map to look at and play. While tranzit looks ugly as crap and is not enjoyable to look at.


      -Easter Eggs- Maps with multiple easter eggs seem to have more replay value. For example Mob of the Dead has a ton and it held replay value for awhile and for some it still does.


      Story-When we know why were on a specific map or playing as a certain person it makes the map feel more like you know why you are killing zombies their or why you are at that location. It makes you feel more involved rather than a map where you have no idea why your their such as Nacht. In Nacht you are basically just slaying zombies and their is no real backstory so it feels bland. But in Der Riese you know excactly why your their and what the place is, it makes you feel more involved.


      Weapons-Personally weapons dont really matter to me cause they mostly stay the same, wonder weapons on the other hand matter. A wonder weapon is the weapon of that map and can be a reason to return to that map. For instance, call of the dead had 2 unique and diverse weapons that were loved by the community. Thats why it still is a popular map. On the other hand tranzit only has the jet gun which is hard to build and hard to use.


      Zombies-I dont know if anyone else cares but I think the look of the zombies can really effect the greatness of a map. To me when the zombies are gory and really detailed, like DIE RISE, Ascension, and Mob of the Dead, it is more fun to play. In Tranzit the zombies look very plain.



      What do you guys think makes a map GOOD?

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          Re: What makes a map GOOD.

          i do think visuals help a lot, when it comes to wonder weapons, they sometimes add replay value, look at the waffle, t-gun on der riese, kino and ascension, but at times to backfire on COTD, the scavenger is loved, the vr-11 not so much, and just look at the $hit gun failure - a reason why the RGM2 is being added for the lack of WWs, WWs make the maps fun and keep me entertained and the maps in BO2 which dont contain them - most of them such as green run and Trashtown i dont play

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            Re: What makes a map GOOD.

            I like your break down.

            I personally like maps that require a good amount of team work (but at the same time maps like moon and shangri la could be some what difficult with randoms).


            I like maps with a unique play style, and of course the weapons to switch it up (wonder weapons). I like having the jump pads on the moon, the traps in shangri la, and other things like buildables which you can use to switch up, or force you to change your tactic.


            While at first i would agree with motd being really fun because of all the stuff to do, I dislike it because it is to easy. So i think a degree of difficulity is neccesary.


            Another thing i enjoy is first playing the maps and trying to figure everything out (and finding clues to the story or connections to other maps).

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              Re: What makes a map GOOD.

              I really don't care how the zombies look, I mean I loved kino and the zombies all looked the same there. What mainly makes or breaks a map for me is the amount of time it takes to get set up. I really don't like Tranzit or Mob of the Dead, since both maps take way to long to get set up in my opinion. Also, the WW must be epic to make a map good, and the map shouldn't be too hard or too easy. And of course a good mission makes the maps even better.

              Oh also, for some reason I really like maps that are outside better then maps that are outside in general, I loved the setting of Shangri-la.

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                Re: What makes a map GOOD.

                For me it's how easily u can get around and just how well the map connects

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                  Re: What makes a map GOOD.

                  Well I think certain things can ruin a map like for me George ruined COTD. Tranzit almost everything. Die Rise waiting on elevators. Shangri la just isn't fun to me. I dont like the tight map and design of it. Five is the same way. For me Ascension Der Riese Kino MOTD and Moon are the best maps. Ascension has the monkeys which I think are great. Kino and Der Riese have nice layouts. MOTD has nice sidequests and has a really good feel. Moon I think is amazing. I think that its got a nice layout a fun Easter Egg and other cool things like No Man's Land, QEDs, and the Hacker. They should bring the hacker back. A dream map for me would be a map with a similar layout to Der Riese and Kino, Monkeys as the boss, A great Easter Egg and a hacker, The nice wonder weapons like the thundergun or the wunderwaffe, side quests similar to the ones on MOTD, and some interesting things that have a ton of different things you can do with them like the hacker and QEDs. That's my dream map. Enough said.

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                    Re: What makes a map GOOD.

                    i find that people like the maps that have training spots with traps and also camping spots for team play.

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                      Re: What makes a map GOOD.

                      Story story story story story.


                      I miss the nazi infused story, back then they would include a lot of factual information, and a lot of conspiracys that exist in real life. They sorta still do that now but it just doesnt grab me like it used to. I spent hours researching things and even wrote a fan fic but now.....no.


                      As far as maps go, it's all about getting the highest rounds possible so traps, open areas and a wunder weapon that is worth a damn.


                      I also like change with in the maps, even if it's as subtle as the zombies eyes changing colors like in NTZ. It's little things in games that make me respect them, small attention to detail lets me know a developer really likes his job.

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                        Re: What makes a map GOOD.

                        The jet gun is a huge issue with tranzit. It is far from a ww IMO. I highly doubt it has any 115. It is just a jet engine. Tranzit needs an actual ww, other than the ray gun, and I feel it would be played more just because of that. Sure there are a lot of things that could have been better, but the lack of a real ww is a big issue for me.

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                          Re: What makes a map GOOD.

                          Well WHO you play with is also important. Playing with someone who only cares about stats is irrating but a person who is good and laid back that can take a few downs and can have a good conversation with helps alot. The replay value and SET UP TIME!!!!!!!! is extremely important in a game. Compare tranzit to die rise and motd. Its really easy to make it to round 25 because of the slightly op wall weapons(an94,pdw,thompson,mac) then if it keeps being challeging which motd is not after round 33 its fun but tranzit all you do is take that freaking bus around and if you dont do that have denzins all over you while you run.

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                            Re: What makes a map GOOD.

                            In my opinion, what makes a map good;


                            1. Plenty of objectives with fitting rewards. MotD did a good job of offering lesser objectives with some nice rewards (Redeemer/Spork), while Sangri-La and Moon offered a larger reward for a larger objective (1-4 players with permanent perks). I'd like to see a combination of the two; one large easter egg with a big reward, and a plethora of side objectives with smaller rewards.

                            2. Speaking of objectives, an idea I thought up off the top of my head was "High Round Content" or "Round-Specific Unlocks." For example, after hitting round 40 or 50, perhaps another part of the main objective, or another side objective, becomes available. And after 55, another opens up. Perhaps a special area opens up after round 60/70/80. Once you've done everything available to you on MotD,  you realize it's only round 20ish and all you have to look forward to is 80-120ish rounds (best case) of zombie-slaying. I think it would be cool to have something to look forward to doing when you hit the higher rounds.

                            3. Interesting location/setting. Does it have to be as crazy as the Moon or Buried? No. It can be very simple, like a sprawling farm (instead of boring Survival Farm), or it can be crazy like Atlantis!

                            4. Some kind of boss. Personally, I liked George (CotD). You could kill him, and he'd drop power-ups/perks. Frickin' awesome. I'd like to see more of that.

                            5. Helllhounds, or a "Max Ammo"/"Perk Bottle"-dropping counterpart. Hounds are classic. Can't go wrong with them, in my opinion. Monkeys and Jumpers were annoying, but that annoyingness paid off in the form of a perk bottle if you could kill them without them touching a perk machine (monkeys) or by knifing them (jumpers). In any case, I'd like some kind of interesting break from the non-stop waves of zombies every now and again. Plus, it's a nice way to keep ammo stocked.

                            6. Good map layout. I'm not a tight corridors kind of guy, though I don't mind them in small doses. I'd rather have open areas to run around, and not just because it'd easy to run zombies. The last 2 maps have been clausterphobic, and Buried looks to be following suit (Die Rise-tight corridors and elevator shafts, MotD-a prison, Buried-underground ghost town, probably tight areas). I miss areas like the Biodome (Moon). How about a sprawling field in a farm? Or maybe an open area, like Tranzit, but without Denizens?

                            7. Funny characters that contribute to the story. Nikolai was awesome. Let's bring him back! How does he fit into the story now? Uh... guess what! You're in an endless loop, but it's not in Hell... it's in Nikolai's mind! It was all a drunken, vodka-induced dream! You see, Nikolai finished the bottle of vodka you gave him and passed out while being teleported and he dreamt of exotic jungles, area 51, the moon, a town, a farm, a bus stop, a power plant, a high rise building in Japan, a bunch of guys in the 1930s trapped in an endless comic book loop in hell disguised as Alcatraz Prison, and even an underground western ghost town!  "Ugh.... I'll never drink that much vodka again......... DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY VODKA!?!?" And with that, you head on over to Atlantis with the old crew. "I hope the Vodka isn't watered down here.... get it?!"


                            7 is for laughs.

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