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    Triple Capping = The end of friendships

      Since the days of Halo 2, I have always been the aggressive objective player.  I am a great asset to have on the team due to my persistence and sole determination to take victory from the jaws of defeat.  With that being said, why do people disagree with my actions? 


      I've recently had a few new friends who invited me to play a few matches of Domination, and we had a great time.  Later on during the week, the same friends invited me to play Domination again, until that fateful moment occurred when I kept pushing for the 3rd flag.  My friends began to (literally) scream, "DON'T PUSH THE SPAWNS!!!  THEY'RE SPAWNING ALL OVER!!!"  The moment they found out I was the one pushing for that flag, they began to berate me for my actions, despite how we were victorious with a 200-78 score (and myself having nearly 6000).


      So my mind juices began to flow with these questions and personal opinions:


      1. Is it better to have a 100+ point lead, earn a personal 5000-6000 score, and make the enemy team rage quit?  Or is it better to improve K/D in order to impress the randoms that flow into public games?  If it's about K/D, consider who you are trying to impress.  From the kids who's thrones are built upon their parent's money, to the mature adults to play the games for simple fun and enjoyment, nobody is going to take a simple stat so importantly.


      2. If for some reason you've managed to earn that precious "epic gameplay" for YouTube approval, chances are you will not become successful based on the fact that there are millions of others striving to do the same exact thing.


      3. People play for streaks, and it makes us feel good knowing we earned a VSAT or Lightning Strike to lay waste on the battlefield.  But to be honest, streaks alone will NOT determine victory.  What determine's your team's victory involves a heavy dose of consistency, bravery, and aggressiveness towards completing those objectives.  Playing it safe (with 2 flags being held) is effective, but a team that is hellbent on triple capping while having no concern for their K/D is insane. 


      Take the image below as an example (if this image should violate the forum CoC, then I or a moderator will remove it.  But please don't lock or delete the entire topic).


      With all of that being said, what do you think of all of this?  Thank you for reading.



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