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        50. Re: Triple Capping = The end of friendships

        i always skip over the 1st flag(A or C) and directly go for B as there is where im gonna get my scorestreaks faster.

        i get 200 points per kill WHILE on the B flag( i normally make like 3-4 kills when on the B flag so thats 600-800 points then also the 200 points from the neutral B flag and then i kill 1 or 2 more noobs and i get my Vsat and my team starts going wild on the enemy.

        but i have lost way to many games with a team that ONLY wants to triple cap.

        as soon we have 2 they are on the 3rd the enemy spawns behind us takes A and B at the same time and then we are stuck in their dispair.

        i NEVER triple cap unless we are on the brink of losing the game.

        i dont like losing a game but better losing a game thats 190-200 then losing a game where we started dominating and then get dominated because my team noobs triple capped the enemy.


        capture 2 flags defend em win thats how me and my friends play not.

        capture 3 flags make em spawn behind us lose our home flag+ a chance of losing the B flag and get spawn camped.

        if i show mercy for my enemy with capping their flag when they are getting spawn killed i always end up getting spawn killed.

        its them or me wel then ill say pick them and ill help you guys along.

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          51. Re: Triple Capping = The end of friendships

          I completely agree with you dude, its called DOMINATION, not 2 cap and spawn kill. Youre supposed to make the enemy teams announcer say, WERE BEING DOMINATED! TAKE THOSE POSITIONS! Especially in the voice of spetsnaz via mw3 lol

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