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        70. Re: Why do people dislike bloc?
        i like bloc myself too
        Last Edited: Aug 17, 2009 4:29 PM
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          71. Re: Why do people dislike bloc?
          Bloc is annoying because all people do is snipe or camp around a corner with a SMG.
          Last Edited: Aug 17, 2009 10:08 PM
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            72. Re: Why do people dislike bloc?
            i like both
            Last Edited: Aug 17, 2009 10:10 PM
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              73. Re: Why do people dislike bloc?

              Niffenator wrote:


              I ALWAYS vote to skip Wetwork, I absolutely despise the map, especially on Search and Destroy.  I Tend not to vote Bloc though.  I think some people probably don't like it because sniper rifles are so dominant on it, in core game modes at least.

              I dont like Bloc...and all I do is snipe..I dont like it cause people tend to go stealth with a SMG (usually P90)....And this is Ironic cause I had my best game on Bloc 30-0
              Last Edited: Aug 17, 2009 10:12 PM
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                74. Re: Why do people dislike bloc?
                I hate Wetworks, Bloc isn't bad as a snipe map.. but if I try to snipe and constantly get rushed by assaulters, it's annoying. So it just turns into the stereotypically boring assault rush map.
                Last Edited: Aug 18, 2009 6:34 PM
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                  75. Re: Why do people dislike bloc?

                  SoapMcTavish wrote:


                  Bloc is my favorite map of all time, with creek and overgrown.

                  I almost agree, but you dont have pipeline.
                  Last Edited: Aug 18, 2009 10:50 PM
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                    76. Re: Why do people dislike bloc?

                    Snashkille wrote:


                    chaos187 wrote:


                    i used to hate bloc when i first started playing cod4.but now i dont mind it,now i hate creek.but the reason people hate it is prabably cause people camp hardcore.

                    On Creek I just sit up on top of the house and snipe. But if you are on the other side you are absolutely screwed, I don't think I have ever seen a team win a TDM on Creek from the other side.

                    Then again, I haven't played too many matches on Creek because I and everyone else always skip it.

                    Ive done it, but it doesn't happen often. It's not too hard to switch sides though. just go stealth and get behind that little house that is behind the house every one snipes on the top of. Your team will start spawning there as soon as the other team makes a push, then you can switch classes to whatever and win pretty easily.

                    creek is my fave map, i went 54 and 6 (I think) Totally on top of the house. Never moved. Used 6 different rifles and tons of pistols. Even stayed there when the enemies spawned on the same side.

                    That was the most fun i've ever had in COD4
                    Last Edited: Aug 19, 2009 2:51 PM
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                      77. Re: Why do people dislike bloc?
                      Try this one on for size for Search and Destroy for those of you not liking offense on Bloc:

                      Put on a light weapon with a silencer, preferrably a MP5 or Skorpion.  Use extreme conditioning and bomb squad..  Oh, you also need a smoke grenade.

                      Run up to where the bomb is and hang a left.  Now it's like you're going towards the B building.  Once you get around the wall so you can see the opponents' spawn, chuck a smoke grenade into the middle-right of the map, sorta deep so that it covers everything on the opposite corner of the statue from where you're at. Take an angle towards the open middle door of A building and book it.  You're covered by the smoke and since you have extreme conditioning, you're already in the smoke before the snipers can get up the stairwell of B bomb.  But instead of going in the building, pass the middle door and post up on the concrete barrier that is just past the door way and is up against the building.  This will give you protection from the snipers still in their spawn.  Crouch there and just chill out.  If you see a sniper sitting on the B stairwell, take the shot.  If someone runs past you, take the shot.  Otherwise, just sit tight for about 25 seconds. After that, start moving around towards the back door.  By now, the sniper has moved out of their spawn area and either went towards B or is posted up on the concrete barrier or car by the back door.  So when you're rounding the corner, check those two locations as well as the window that people like to sit in up there to watch the B building exit.  After that, you're in to A.  Now you've still got time, roughly over 1:15. So take your time and crouch-walk to keep quiet.  Nobody expects you to come in the back door after that because you waited so long that all the snipers are in place.  make sure nobody is prone by the couch in that back hallway.  After that, you're into the bomb site and can start taking them from behind.

                      I PROMISE if you follow everything like I said, you will find your Bloc experience much better.  Also, when doing this route, if the team has decided to plant on B, you can clear out those guys sniping on B exit door like I mentioned and sneak around B to clear out the one or two guys there.  And since you're close to the building that the snipers are in, they're usually scoped in above you an you can just sneak by.

                      I've ran Dead Silence on this route before and it's cutting it close on the initially pre-fire/smoke.  If you can get by that stage though you'll be fine with that too.

                      Good luck!
                      Last Edited: Aug 21, 2009 7:15 AM
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                        78. Re: Why do people dislike bloc?
                        Wow the guy posted all that crap above me, get bent let people figure out there own strategy. Anyway I enjoy a good game of bloc when its teamdeath match or domination. Search and destroy can be cheap with  claymores. I find bloc a very strategic map.
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                          79. Re: Why do people dislike bloc?


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