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    Competitive ps3 clan looking for members

      Hey guys NationofAssasins is now recruting! Were a heavyweight clan with 63 members and lvl 37 with a clan kd of 1.55. Were looking for players who are active daily or at least active for clan ops and clan challenges. We want players that love to win games and are team orientated objective players. The game modes we play are ground war,tdm,kc,snd,ctf,and even domination at times,so theres room for any objective you like! Were looking for a league play team and looking to get into friendly clan battles,so if your interested in any of that stuff then what are you waiting for? Join Today! The requirements are 1.40 kd or higher with a  250 spm or higher. If anyone wants to join,but don't meet the requirements;np just message me on psn @ Xkon-OBezzy and you can tryout for the clan. Also we have people in the clan who don't mind training players on how to become better,and reach the next level of there skills. If anyone want to join just apply here https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/2275418