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        90. Re: This forum...
        CODVG, if you're american I imagine you're either in 9th or 10th grade based on your age. You should take Biology in 10th, in most schools in the U.S. What are your grades huh?
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          91. Re: This forum...

          CODisavideogame wrote:


          Ok, back on topic. BUT one last statement on boobs:
          Sure the lady can still squeeze the creature out her V-tool. Sure. But if her balloons are damaged then she can't use them to feed it, and it's been proved by a STUDY that kids who were breastfed when they were little turn out better when they're older. This isn't me saying it, it's some smart people with curly white hair in a lab.

          So yes she can still give the baby, but can't fully do the job. Unless she gets HER  mom to do it but that's another conversation.

          OK, end tangent.

          Well they do come in pairs.
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            92. Re: This forum...
            I'm in favor of this thread being locked if some resemblance of on-topicness doesn't return.


            CODisaVG, continue your poetry:

            Reminds me of a time 2 years ago in grade 9.

            It was after parent meetings and it was dark. I was alone in the gymnasium on the bleachers. A place that I'd always been when it was buzzing and loud. But now it was just me, the motion based lights going off one row at a time. Thud. Thud.

            And just that silence with the vents in the background.

            This forum kinda reminds me of that, with just a few of us here and everything mostly really dead.

            Will this forum ever be like the loud times or is it doomed to fade?

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              93. Re: This forum...
              I'm in grade 11.

              And I freaking aced the science test stupid kids. You all got a 70% average...so don't tell me to take a biology class.

              Anyways, I shan't pay heed to you.
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                94. Re: This forum...
                I have an a level in biology...

                a level>11th grade.

                Then again I didn't cut the tits off many women in biology...

                Fingered a cows heart though.
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                  95. Re: This forum...
                  ^^^ And on THAT note...
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                    96. Re: This forum...

                    This forum has died slowly is there anyone else out there?

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                      97. Re: This forum...

                      This is the original IWF. Once MW3 CoDHQ opened it died.

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