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    Shadow Company - 500+ Members world wide ((Xbox360 AND PS3))..Will YOU be next?

      Alright Gamers!


      It's your girl..Whoa wait? GIRL? THATS RIGHT! Gamer GIRL!! Haha! Anywho turnxnxburn here and I'm  here looking for devoted members to join an amazing clan that I am in  called Shadow Company.


      Minnimum Requirements: (Must be at least 16+ years to join, have mic, and also be able to attend at least 2 out of the 3 practices that are scheduled)


      We are a mature, competative, and always having fun type of clan!!


      Over 500+ members world wide, we are a fast growing community and would love to have you among our ranks!


      Shadow Company isn't just for you Xbox360 lovers, but also for PS3 lovers as well.


      We cover the games of : Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Battlefield 3, Halo 4, Defiance, Dust 514, and Killzone 3


      To give you a little insight of how Shadow Company runs things, here is a list:


      -Military  Based System: Meaning that for each mandatory and optional practice you  go to, you are awarded points. The more points you get, the higher the  rank you become! With the help of this being Military based, it makes organization THAT much better!


      -Earn Medals/ribbons/awards: That's right gamers! No  matter what game you play that is listed in the games we cover, you are  able to earn special awards, medals, and ribbons! Talk about some good  looking bling on the profile page!


      -Practice Makes Perfect!: We  have practices 3 times a week, and with this comes the amazing tactics  of doing Call Outs. Call Outs is what we use to tell allies where we  last seen enemies on a map. Thus, each map having its own Call Outs.  This will aid in building communication skills as well as tactics on  where to look out for push points on a map. (That way you don't get  spawn trapped and/or killed)


      -Family oriented: We at SC are a family. We  have each others backs no matter what. If you have something going on  in Real Life that needs to be addressed and you have to miss practice NO  PROBLEM! Just contact a Squad Leader and let them know what's going on. 


      -Epic Clan Ops: We at SC take part in the amazing CLAN OPS! We do our best to reach for gold, and that requires communication and teamwork from all members! From when I first joined SC, they blew me out of the water as to how great their communication skills were! So far from what I have seen, SC has snagged the Gold each time they enter a Clan Ops!


      -KDR and SPM: At SC, KDR (Kill/Death Ratio) and SPM(Score Per Mintue) are things we are not picky of. We are here to HELP YOU better Yourself at ingame play!


      For those of you who have Xbox360, shoot me a PM stating that you are interested. My gamer name is: turnxnxburn



      As for others just CLICK HERE to join today and sign up!


      IMPORTANT!!!!!----BE SURE TO PUT turnxnxburn IN THE 'How did you hear about Shadow Company?' SLOT IN THE REGISTRATION!----


      Thanks again for your time Gamers!


      Corporal turnxnxburn

      SC Recruiter

      Shadow Company