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    Target Finder in Call of Duty: Ghosts?

      The title says it all.  Will the Target Finder be in Call of Duty: Ghosts (or something similar to the Target Finder)?  This is going to be the ultimate deciding factor on if I buy the game or not.  If I can get an answer from someone who actually works at Infinity Ward, that would be nice.  But otherwise, I would like a source that proves your answer.  Thanks!


      P.S.  And to those who just HAVE to know, I am a huge Target Finder hater.  So if it's in Ghosts, I'm not getting it.  That stupid attachment is way too overpowered.

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          I hope the sight is not in Ghosts...


          ... that said...


          ... not getting a game because of a single attachment is touch over the top to me.

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            Just for the record, Marksman from MW3 did almost the qxact same things, to both your secondary and primary, without hampering your perifiral vision. However, I disagree with this attachment / Perk, but they are useful and not anoying and op when used in one way, but i'll get that in the continuation.

            The Target Finder should be in the game, PERIOD.

            As for Marksman, I do feel that it has a place in the game, but with a special niche and only working in a certain way:

            Sharpshooter: Reduces wepaon idle sway. Increase breath-holding time.

            Pro - When scoped in (with a sniper rifle), enemies who are close to the center of your scope have their name show up.

            By this I mean that only players in a radius of about 10 CM from the middle of your scope are shown up.

            I only say this because I think that snipers should be long-range support role rifles and not quickscoping weapons. That way it encourages people to fight with snipers, and I really hope that quickscoping will not be in Ghosts, although I am pretty sure that it will be. If so, Sharpshooter shouldn't be in the game. Only if there is no quickscoping, this Perk has a place in the game.

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              I have used the Target Finder... yes i will admit it . But only to retrain my vision, to spot the enemy. Sounds wierd but i used to have a 0.46k/d and now i have a solid 1.05k/d. It helps the newest of players but in the wrong way. It should not be in the COD:Ghosts though.

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                I always thought it was a stupid attachment to begin with but I never really had problems with it.

                The MMS is a different animal though. Now that I've prestiged all the weapons I wanted I think it's quite mean and cheap to use.

                I'd rather have those things out than in but I see why someone would put them into the game (just like thermal scopes and the like).

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                  I think that another problem is that while you lose some perifiral vision when scoped in the Target Finder, you see the UAV. It shouldn't work like that. You should be like a sniper when it's scoped in - Low perrifiral vision and no UAV.

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                    I'd like to see offline Combat Training as a single player but in multiplayer mode. In other words, being able to play in a multiplayer mode where your teammates are bots, and the enemy are bots. As you level your weapons online, you can bring them into Combat Training, but not have to be online to play. So, you can practice using your weapons and getting better with them. That way they can get rid of things like Target Finder, etc. So, your skill is really tested when you play online multiplayer.


                    Improve your skills offline. And bring your improved skills online. That way no one is getting the upper hand and you're winning because you ARE a better player. Isn't that what everyone wants? A level playing field?

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                      I don't care if it is or isn't in Ghosts.  It never has bothered me.  But to the OPs question I'm sure that there will be something similar to it in Ghosts simply because MW3 had Marksman and the TF was just 3archs version of that.  IW originated the idea and nobody complained about Marksman being OP in MW3.

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                        I really hope that IW doesn't have anything like the TF or MMS.

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                          With Marksman you saw the name of the person at a distance, it didn't paint a huge red diamond around them.

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