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    Casual PS3 Call of Duty Clan - [1vs7] GOLD TAG - GHOSTS | BO2 | MW3 - 1vs7CLAN.COM - RECRUITING 24/7!

      A CASUAL Call of Duty Community for Free-For-All Enthusiasts!

      About Us - Members - Apply




      Our Current Requirements:

      • Kill/Death Ratio (KD) of at least 1.0 in each COD game you play on the PS3.
      • Be at least 13 & live in the United States. Exceptions on a case by case basis.
      • Must be Primarily a "Free-For-All" Player. In your Multi-Player Combat Record, FFA or Party Games should be in your TOP 3 most played modes.
      • No Cheating, Hacking, Glitching, Boosting, or Excessive Modding.


      Mission Statement:

      "My goal is for [1vs7]™ to represent the very best Free-For-All clan in Call of Duty! A unique, casual, friendly, fair, mature community for all the misfits of Call of Duty! Finally a place for all us lone wolf's out there that really don't fit in normal team based clans! We're turning the whole idea of a clan around, focusing rather on individual skills, not team play like all the other clans out there!


      While I like to play team based modes every once in a while, nothing gets my adrenaline going like an intense Free-For-All match, all alone, by myself, one versus seven players! After being part of countless clans that really didn't fit me, I finally came up with the idea for a new type of clan, a community of sorts, where Free-For-All enthusiasts could feel at home with players who share the same passion for the game mode, and at the same time not be burdened by all the crazy requirements or obligations of team based clans. So from that initial idea [1vs7]™ was born! At our core, [1vs7]™ is basically just a community of friends who all enjoy playing the same game mode and share similar values of fair game play.


      I'm very proud to say in the 10 years I've played Call of Duty I've never once hacked, cheated, boosted, glitched, or modded in any way! I hope for [1vs7]™ to be a shining example of what a clan and community should be! A growing collection of the most skilled Free-For-All enthusiasts out there, but above all, fair honest players just looking to have a good time with friends.


      Since the beginning I have made it a point to stray away from all the strenuous requirements and responsibilities of normal team based clans. We all have lives beyond Call of Duty and realize that the game should never stop being fun! We are very relaxed community and don't require much from our members. Our members can contribute as much or little as they like! That said, while not required, only with continued support and honest participation by our members will [1vs7]™ truly thrive and be able to constantly evolve with new benefits for our community base. So if you come to love [1vs7]™ and the unique idea of what it represents as much as I do, please join me in building this community into something that can stand the test of time!


      We welcome all mature, fair, friendly players who enjoy Free-For-All most of all to join our growing community and don't discriminate by age, gender, race, sexual orientation, or for any reason! Our community is constantly evolving and every member has an equal say on how we move forward together as a clan! Lets work together to make the [1vs7]™ clan tag synonymous with the very best Free-For-All community in Call of Duty!"


      Thanks for checking us out!

      Clan Leader - Apollo2626

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