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    Hacking has gotten out of control

      I just got killed by infected...while playing kill confirmed!!! (It even gave me the title for it, since I never played infected ever ever before).


      You guys can't get hacking under control, and this game is no longer enjoyable between the hackers and frequent poor spawns right in front of enemies.


      I have gotten so frustrated by this that I came to make a forum account just to tell you that your game has been ruined by these things!


      How is damage calculated? How is it someone can take 3 grenades on hardcore just cuz they wearing body armor? There is not in reality any body armor that would help you survive even 1 grenade blast. Body armor should be for bullets, and blast shield for grenades should slow you down accordingly.


      How are ppls even running through grenades? Every time someone lands one within 20 feet of me I die. Can we get some consistency??


      Is Ghost going to be this bad???

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          I agree, just today I have run into guys with 2 riot shields, one on their back on one in front, a lag switcher (self admiited), a constant UAV hacker, 2 or 3 rapid fire controller guys and god knows what else.....

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            What I find completely unacceptable, is that IW, as soon as BO2 came out,  completly forsaken their current title, with over a year until their new title was schedule to come out, it is to say the very least, very poor customer service IMO. What are they that shorthanded that someone could not continue to deal with MW3?

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                Yes that is what it feels like exactly and it tells me to rent the next title before I even think about buying it. I got an email the other day telling me to preorder ghost I almost laughed my vodka/tonic through my nose. The ppls from activision need to realize that they can and will probably lose sales if they don't start payin some attention to people or maybe they are just happy with the smaller amount of guaranteed sales they will have off of stupid 13 year olds. I have seen lots of people both in forums and ppl I meet w/e who have switched to BF3

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                Ok now theres a hack where the guys have a big red box around their opponents...come IW fix this crap

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                    Yes it is aimbot, and allows you to see everyone like you have noclip view on. It is horrible that with all this technology they don't program their games to detect when people mess with the servers...oh that's right, their servers aren't dedicated, are they???


                    Time to invest in your franchise, activision, before it dies. Because lag and cheating mixed with poor matchmaking and bad spawns made MW3 the most horrible FPS to date.

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                    I was in a 6V6 TDM game with 18 players. Yep game is hacked atm.

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                        Lol, that is almost as bad as my infected story! Seriously, the amount of cheating on this game has gotten out of hand, and I imagine it is more commonplace than some people care to admit (considering all the people who run around like superman dodging bullets and killing entire teams) but it's the stuff like this that undeniably proves that hacking is taking place.

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                        this gameis going to die and activision does nothing .

                        maybe they hope people will buy the newest because they can't play this one.

                        it's just disgusting.

                        mw3 has good maps,kill cofirmed.

                        they could do something to help people who bought the game and give them their money.

                        this is just what we call respect.


                        give us offline bots .we still play with this game.

                        it's not as fun as real multiplayer so we sure shall buy next game but not forget the game before.just for fun.


                        world at war was great but is unplayable.

                        mw2 the same.


                        respect players