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        Yes it is good that IM will still be in the Avengers, but I'm not worried that there will not be another IM, IM3 made way too much money for them to simply mothball IM4. They will figure out a way to do another IM with or without RDJ.


        Hawk right now Marvel and Disney are rolling in the dough so while they will not go nuts you can rest assured that there will be other Marvel heroes who get a movie but it is hard to say who that will be. I love Black Panther and think they could make a very good movie out of his arc. 

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          I imagine it would have to be without RDJ.  He'll be over 50 by the time they do Avengers 3 and would be time for him to hang up the armor.  I wonder if they would wanna put IM on the backburners for a bit though, since people are pretty attached to RDJ and replacing him too fast might not sit well.


          They really are going full steam ahead with Marvel movies, Disney announced another untitled Marvel film for 2016, I think it was.  I really hope we can get some announcements at SDCC!

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            Yeah, I saw they announced another phase 3 movie, so that's definitely cool.  A couple of those movies might be sequels, like a Cap or Thor 3, but I'd bet there's gonna be some cool new movies in there, too.  Black Panther and Ms. Marvel are the ones that I'd be most excited about, I think.  I'd be willing to bet one of those movies will be Dr. Strange, actually, based on how often Feige seems to talk about doing one. 

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              Do you think they'd already be planning on another Cap and Thor before their new movies are out yet?  Dr Strange seems all but confirmed with so many rumors about it.  I actually wonder if one of the movies will be about Black Widow.  She got a lot of attention in Avengers and is now gonna appear in Cap 2, I wouldn't be surprised for her to get a movie exploring her origins.  Though I think Cap 2 is supposed to get into her origins a bit.

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                They could be planning one already, since it's probably a safe bet they'll turn a decent profit, though I got no idea if they're actually doing that or not.  A Black Widow movie would be totally awesome!  That's right up there on my movie wishlist with Panther and Ms. Marvel.  And Hawkeye, too, but I don't see that as being as likely as the others right now.  A Black Widow movie could be a crazy and cool spy thriller type of thing. 

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                  They have a lot of good ways to go but I am thinking they have not done a movie, aside from the horrilbe Electra, with a strong female lead. Black Widow would make a lot of sense. SJ is a star and they have established the character in two movies. The other thing about more street level or realistic super heroes is they can keep the budget down and make a good profit on the films. If they focus on quality writing, good characters the movies could be really good. Maybe phase three will be about that.


                  However if they do Dr. Strange that will require a good budget for all the CGI for creatures and magic. Can they make a really good Dr. Strange movie? I hope so.

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                    Holy crap, they revealed the villain for Avengers 2. It's Ultron! My mind just exploded.  I need this movie now.

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                      Whoa!  That just happened, didn't it?!  I'm not sure what to say about it now... I never thought I'd see Ultron in a movie!  I wonder what's up with the whole Thanos deal, though.  Did they just do that to plug Guardians of the Galaxy?  Also, what are they doing with Ultron without Hank?  Anyway, this is gonna be crazy...

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                        Just like ten minutes ago, haha.  Isn't Ant-man gonna come out before Avengers 2?  They could set-up Ultron in that and Hank will get brought into Avengers: AoU?  Does this mean we can get Hank and Jan in Avengers?  God, I hope so.  And I wonder how Wanda and Pietro fit into all of this?  And will we see Vision?


                        Maybe Thanos is saved for Avengers 3?  Though I wouldn't be surprised if it was just a plug for GoG.

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                          Whoa, slow down... You're gonna poke somebody's eye out with all those ?'s!  And, considering I'm the only other person around, it'll probably be me... So stop! haha, but Ant-Man is the first movie of phase 3, which is what confuses me about Ultron.  Of course, that's not to say they couldn't do something where they introduce Hank in this movie but not turn him into Ant-Man and change some things around to make it all work.  I'm definitely excited to see what happens.  Whedon knows what he's doing, based on the first movie, so I won't get all into a bunch of stuff about how "it's changing the comics!!!!!!!!"


                          It could easily be for Guardians, since it's not like they've ever done an after-credits scene before that they made you wait 3 years for. 

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