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    What happened to strategic shooters.


            Dont ask me what prompts me to write this, as I don't believe anyone from 3arch would read this or care if they had, but this is my opinion on what has happened with COD.  It used to be that the kids wanted to play what the older kids were playing.  Games like counterstrike, rainbow six, ghost recon, socom were more realistic and required people to use team strategies like cutting off choke points, flanking, higher elevation for greater vantage points, patience. We demanded realism. Now the older kids are even older with families, jobs, wives, kids, and dont have the time to invest to be good anymore.

            Now its the young gotta have it now kids driving the market for these games and they dont want to work with a team to shut out opponents, or use any form of realistic strategy to win. They dont really even care if they win. It is the sole purpose of every teenager driving the market for these games to become famous making a montage and uploading 360 degree spinning quick scopes while falling off a ladder to youtube or twitchtv.  Thats the bottom line. All these kids do is try making montages and to come up with new cliche words like hardscoper and tryhard, or threaten to infiltrate your IP address when you beat them.

           I always loved the rainbow series the most. I loved that the most played game mode was single death(like search) as it really got your adrenaline pumping. Now people die 25-45 times a round and think nothing of it.    Why- because it doesnt mean anything when you die, if you can come right back to life.  The kids dont care if they die, as long as theres still a chance they can scrape a couple quick scopes in a row together, so they can cut it out and make a montage. 


      The end.

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          Battlefield still requires some strategy.

          I imagine RS: Patriots will have the same fanbase as older Rainbow Six games.

          Mass Effect 3's MP was (for me and the people I played with) a pretty strategic game, and im looking forward to ME4's multiplayer aswell.


          Pretty much only CoD has become a clusterf*ck, and the reason everyone gives is that "It's supposed to be an arcade shooter, so suck it lululzulz"

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            It's like you said, the kids today for the most part don't appreciate having to think and work together.  So the games are made to accomodate this.  Us older guys, I'm afraid just aren't the demographic that the devs are looking for anymore.  Sure I'd love to play some of those older strategic games again but they just aren't out there anymore.  However, when us older guys do get together on these newer games, it can be a good bit of fun demolishing the younger crew by applying some old school strategy/teamwork on them.

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              Call of duty is still not run and gun. It all depends on the game modes as it always has. Unfourtantley it does feel that way in FFA or TDM. because of the lousy spawn it has forcced it to be that way in those modes.

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                Interesting post,


                I believe what you say is true, the developers are looking for a broader / younger market and these younger players are more interested in impressing their fellow peers with "trick" shots than anything else. A huge and persistent issue, it borderline goes into will Activision allow the future of these titles become childlike. I hope not, and then again I hope another company who targets the more mature player breakthrough at kicks a-s-s with a new shooter.

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                  I played a lot of R6V (Assasination anyone?) and did R&G. Not all that succesfully as that was really my first online FPS but did nonetheless. Some more experienced players (Kush) let me run with them because even if not great was not an asshat online and they played very aggressively so I just followed down that path.


                  Having said that, CoD is more frenetic but I always try to have some sort of strategy even when running solo. Just helps me avoid doing laps on the map and have some sort of general purpose.

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                    That's precisely why I don't play much anymore Cowboy,  I had one person on my friends list that I played Black Ops with all the time but he lost his job so he couldn't buy Black Ops II.  I get tired of all the constant run and gun and only being able to play with randoms that don't play as a team so I just kinda stopped playing.  Now I have been out so long that when I do try to play I just get frustrated because i've lost a bit of skill from being dormant.