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    Activision releases a statement about the CoD community making threats against the developers

      It's one thing to disagree with a element of the game, it's something completely different to actually threaten developers. Anyone who's been around for a while on these boards will no just how stupid some of the members act. I remember back when Black Ops II first launched how insane these boards got with little kids demanding class action lawsuits, threats, and generalized insults calling the developers every asterisk laden word in book.


      There have been many theads addressing this, however they really don't mean much. Most of the community who consistently vist this forum are among the mature crowd. Where I see the most immaurity is within the 1 posters who come to board, unleash a long winded, incoherent rant then leave to never come back.


      I call upon all the forum members (including myself) to start taking more care with their posts, and continue to be a good leaders. It can be hard sometimes, but it's the forum vets responsibility lead by example.


      http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/07/24/activision-community-manager-stop-threate ning-game-developers

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