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    looking for competitive xbox 360 clan

      looking for solid competitive clan

      I play to win and my main game modes i play are objective based.

      Message me if your interested, gamertag: FazZe XD

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          Re: looking for competitive xbox 360 clan



          I hereby invite you to join an amazing clan I am in called


          Shadow Company


          We are a Team; Competative, Mature, Respectful, Organized, and always having fun!


          If you would like to see some of the amazing things Shadow Company has to offer, please CLICK HERE


          Thank you for your time!


          Corporal turnxnxburn

          SC Recruiter

          Shadow Company

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            Re: looking for competitive xbox 360 clan

            LEGION OF DEATH [LOD7]  is a Gold Level 37 Clan on XBOX with a 1.0 + K/D  that is looking to  add members.  Must follow the Code of Conduct.  Must be 16 or over and   like to have fun, but play to win.  We play in daily and weekly challenges and take Gold in most  of them. We have members that play CORE and HARDCORE, all game modes and  we have a League Team that is starting up and looking for players.  We  have a snipers   division that is just starting up. Our snipers divison  also is working on YouTube videos.  We have a facebook page ( LOD 1st  Platoon ) that we can stay in contact with members and we give  recognition to the top players in every challenge. We like to play and  we have a really good time doing it. Give us a try and see if you fit   in.  Apply today and leave a message on your age, and what game modes  you like to play.

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              Re: looking for competitive xbox 360 clan

              Highly Demanded or HD for short is is always looking for new memebers!!. Currently we have 18 members and counting but I am looking to expand the roster even more.  Some of our favorite game modes is League Play, Domination, Team Deathmatch, SnD. Although at times we do play other game modes just for fun.


              Potentential Candadates must have a .80 K/D. Most of the guys in the clan range between 2.00. Most are around 1.00 to 1.90)  our main objective is to go for the win. Therefor I am not a big fan of rage quitting to keep your stats up. When we roll together as a team, we win or loose as a team.  We are ages 16-21 so if your in that or a bit older your mre than welcome!


              Another requirement is be fairly active. I am not talking COD 24/7 active, but more like maybe an hour or two a day if you have time. I understand there is life out there and people have families and friends.  We love to play League Play and play to win!  Our favorite Game Mode is SnD.

              You dont have to be a CoD master or quickscope you just have to play and be there!



              Where on XBox 360 for now so sorry PS3. 



              Just go here and sign up!!  http://demanded.enjin.com/

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