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        10. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

        I think they already had it with COD4 and MW2, bleak bombed out maps, the focus was more on the shooting side of the game and the flashiest thing about it was the box it came in.

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          11. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

          -Remove Quickscoping

          -Remove split screen from MultiPlayer

          -Larger, more thought out maps (Array, anyone?).  Flags should not be a grenade-throw distance from one-another (at least not on most maps where they are in BO2)

          -Bring back the sniper.  While I hate dying to snipers, I do have the utmost respect for them when they are played correctly (long distance kills, not CQC...)

          -Reduce XP such that a prestige is actually something worthwhile.

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            12. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

            ghamorra wrote:


            Activision should start working on a title that it highly mature, 90% realistic, and focused on a niche gamer community.


            I'm curious as to what they can come up with.

            Im positive if they wanted to do they can find the right team and produce the succession games outside of COD. Have you heard of star wars 1313, a huge move on that franchise developed for more mature players?http://www.lucasarts.com/games/1313/

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              13. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

              yeah my nephews starte dplaing the multiplayer, i looked at my sister,a nd was like " why are you letting them play  it, its nothing put filth that people say, and i dont want them to be exposed to that at such a young age*


              She said the sound and all mics are muted... i told her they can still send love notes

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                14. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

                I think it should go a step further than COD4, I want slightly bigger teams 10v10. With slightly bigger maps.


                The reason for bigger teams is because I feel one person can dominate a match too much. You get two of those caliber players and it actually becomes boring for the team they're on. With a slightly bigger player size the games can balance themselves out. With the maps being bigger (I mean bigger than COD4 maps) you can start engaging in standoff shootouts, I don't think this has ever happened before.


                I find games where there's a stalemate in the middle of the map to be fun. You know that any slip up can be huge so you take extra time. The intensity in those situations is enough to drive you to an early grave but at the same time it's fun.


                That to me is maturity, an immature player would not be able to communicate with 10 people on a map that big in a situation that intense.

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                  15. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

                  Lucasarts is owned by Disney now, I don't think they can organize a great FPS. I think Acitivision needs to work with Sony's FPS Devs.


                  Sony proves time and time again that they can build the game players deserve. Right now, under Microsoft's infuence, Call of Duty is designed to make a profit. Sony designs to make their products the best possible, profits are just a result.


                  It's kind of like, "if you build it they will come". That's how Sony makes money, they build awesome sh*t people can pass up. Imagine a CoD game like that.

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                    16. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

                    all they really would have to do is eliminate aim assist completely, all the little kids will get frusterated and go back playing " my little pony's incredible journey"

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                      17. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

                      Maybe they should get the team that produces teh Gran Turismo games to give them some pointers, they know how to release a well polished product

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                        18. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

                        Your ideas while great will not deter the kids from playing. They will gravitate to whatever the big thing is being played, they will play it and make as many posts as they are able to make, until the companies change the game in their direction. remember mommy and daddy will buy them what the kids want in order to keep them occupied. The companies will then start to modify the game slowly towards those younger generations. After a while we will end up with the mess that is COD currently. The fact is, companies have to go where the money is, hence the reason for the micro transactions.

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                          19. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

                          Get the community to be more mature it's that simple and hard to do.

                          It has nothing to do what is in the game it's all about the immature players that play it.

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