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        80. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

        the internet is a place where people always can act differently then they really are.


        sadly this attracts not only little kids cursing because its possible but also grown men who can shout there racist believes with out much fear of reprecussion or impersonate a woman to troll or just behave like douches in general.


        frankly i find them worse them the little kids.


        my gripe with the game is that the easier they are making it to pick up and play the bigger the chance you have to attract these type of people.


        they actually think their ingame stats make them out to be something more then they are in real life.


        having experienced a game like MAG i find that in my experience its the focus of the game that decides what kind of people it attracts.

        selfish immature people did not last long in that game simply  because the game was driven by the team first aspect and if you decided to disbehave  your own team would just let you die and because off the size of the maps you would spend more time walking to the battlefield instead of padding the stats.

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          81. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

          I play with my kids and at times act a fool. I do think though that it is VERY easy for adults to act as children when playing, remember video games are our escape from reality, a throw back if you will to our childhood,,,, at least for me. I bust my ass everyday at work and when I get home I like to throw in a few games or more to get out of my funk, preferably in a party with my kids.


          Anyway I truly feel is the 16 to 25 age group that poses the most immature behavior. Of course there's no proof but the same way a cracking voice tells you that a person is a kid around 10 to 12 there's something about guys in their early 20s, a swagger in their tone, it's unmistakable. Those are the guys that really talk s**t and throw vulgarities. I honestly don't run into trolls that much.....


          I will say this, boosters do tend to be kids. I've no hard evidence but it does seem that way to me. It seems like when I run into boosters 75% they are kids, especially in FFA.

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            82. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

            Call of Duty took aim at the younger crowd so therefore, it's irreversible. CoD is slowly killing themselves and with BF4 running on 60 fps and 64 man lobbies, I wouldn't be surprised if BF takes over the crown.

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              83. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

              Foxhound-Pro wrote:


              Well, you took a jab at the situation and I think it highlighted part of the issue is all. Since you were joking I'll leave it alone since I covered this previously.

              Do you mean covering the issue discussed here:  http://community.activision.com/message/414633249#414633249


              If so, yeh I got your point there.  But like I said there, I think so far the micros, as they only have been more about appearances rather than substance, are attracting more immature players. 


              My orange bat comment was meant to highlight this point ironically.  I don't think, however, it highlights, or exacerbates, the immaturity problem (if that's what you were getting at. )

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                84. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

                Yeah, that's what I was referring too. Don't have to go over it since we shared our opinions already.

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                  85. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

                  The very first "gaming system" was, Odessey by Magnavox.


                  Basically, It was Pong, with semi-transparent overlays that stuck to the static cling of your console TV's glass face.  An actual map wouuld have been WAAYYY too much memory.  Games were table tennis, regular tennis and a handful of others that combined a square ball and rectangular paddles.  The paddles moved from top to bottom on the screen, but only the ball moved left to right.


                  Chjeck out that controller!



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                    86. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

                    Foxhound-Pro wrote:


                    I've been waiting for you to explain what your opinion of maturity is. Now that it's been stated, I'll have to just comment on this and say that nothing about this is mature. It's simply a different style of play.


                    Most of what is cited in this thread are real issues, but in reality aren't a matter of maturity on a grand scale. There's definitely a case-by-case situation where an individual needs to find if content appeals to them, but that's it.


                    All of this discussion is amazingly interesting to read. Sorry if I feel like a sick in the mud, but I just want to echo that most of this content isn't immature at all.

                    I that statement wasn't my opinion of maturity, at least it wasn't suppose to be.

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                      87. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

                      I'd make that more like 20-40 year olds from my experience.

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                        88. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

                        ghamorra wrote:


                        In what ways has Call of Duty attracted this demographic and in what ways can Call of Duty change itself to make the game more mature.

                        I know Fox says other wise in regards to marketing and what not, but this game has many more children playing than it should. Unintentional or not, I hear total younglings playing an otherwise mature 18+ rated game.

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                          89. Re: How can Call of Duty be more mature

                          Yeah, I am waiting for school to restart so I can resume playing. I have been playing other games since school ended.

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