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    Why did they just whip us Legit Record Holders and Leave the Glitchers and Hackers???

      They did manage to wipe a couple glitchers accounts today, but they also reset and wiped almost all of the top 10 Legit Players leaderboards to blank!!!


      Tranzit 126, Die Rise 114, MOTD #3 Legit (#3 highest legit round on the leaderboards), Buried 153 #1 Legit (2nd Position).


      I have a youtube and twitch account and record my games. I do not glitch... I do not hack... I do not cheat!!!


      This still shows all my global stats on callofduty.com/elite but not on the xbox live leaderboards and all my rounds are gone???


      2439431 KILLS


      311452 GRENADE KILLS


      ALL GONE!!!!


      SymStep wants me to mention that they wiped his entire account as well. He has been the #1 highest recorded legit leaderboard round on MOTD and a 141 on Buried + 14 other world records and has it all documented and recorded with his YT and Twitch as well!


      Have the Hackers and Glitchers Taken Over Activision????

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