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    League Play Help!

      So I finished last seasons moshpit league play in masters and didn't play any champions however it is showing champions bronze instead of masters moshpit in my info!


      Whats crazy is before last season I only played champions and it always showed my moshpit.


      What gives?!

      Can this be changed?

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          Re: League Play Help!

          Hi I'm a member at IEG, please take a look at our ever growing clan, I leave a link below, when applying mention that NC Frost, told you to apply. and thanks hope to play with you in the future, and don't worry we are a competetive/ non-competitive clan.  So were looking for all types of members.



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            Re: League Play Help!

            im having same problem wth! league rank is WRONG


            My GT: DHG FearProdigy,

                 Last league season (yes this is is moshpit) I received the best rank i had ever had, and finished 6th platinum.  Prior to this, i had a best of 171 platinum that showed on my name when you hovered over it.  Another friend of mine finished with master rank 8 this past season, beating out his prior best as well.  On both of our league team records which you can acess by hitting "a" or on our name (we are on xbox) and going to "view league teams" it shows our correct finishes.  However, when you hover over our name, under our prestige and rank, it shows us both in GOLD rank 13! please help this is a bug that has happened to many of my friends and to be honest i find it embarassing to have such a terrible league rank that everyone can see, is wrong, and is not what i worked so hard for all month to receive. Please msg me back on here etc with help, this bug is really frustrating all of us. Thanks

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