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        Xizoa wrote:


        I'm sure that if Domination was a MLG gametype, you guys who are hating on spawn trapping now would say it is just a tactic. It's your team's fault when you only have 1 flag. Do something about it.


        MLG is completely overrated. In any event, people are always confusing a couple terms:


        Spawn Trapping, as in confining an enemy to one area of the map, is perfectly fine. Spawn KILLING, which is what most people are against, is killing the enemy within seconds of them spawning and providing them no chance to capture any additional flags.


        Spawn Killing, when deliberately done, should be a bannable offense. It's an exploit of the spawn system and should be treated as such. Things like this absolutely should be something you can be banned for:


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          101. Re: Spawn trapping is a ban-able offence , , WTF, , ,

          In mw3, spawn trapping and spawn killing are most often the same because the former results in the latter. It is so easy to do and so common in 90% of games (hardcore at least) that you almost think the developers want the games to be this imbalanced. If you aren't on an organized team, good luck.


          People do it so much, and do they get banned?? F no. If they did it wouldn't be happening in 90% of hardcore games. And if you read the .to.s. clearly, it states that spawn-killing IS a bannabe offense.

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