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    MW2 Online Sucks!

      Moden Warfare 2 now has the absolute worst online multiplayer matchmaking in existence to say the least. I have been playing it on and off since I got the game in 2009 and I cannot believe how bad it has become. It seemed relatively easy to get to the top rank of 70, which I did over a period of weeks. I greatly enjoyed playing it everyday after school and on weekends, shooting up the rankings WITHOUT CHEATING or some **** people do nowadays. Once COD: Black OPs came out in 2010, I was hooked on that until I got bored of it and Modern Warfare 3 came out. I hated MW3's online multiplayer immediately. It's like they didn't even put forth any effort to make the gameplay better than in MW2. After that, I took a break from COD to play other titles and decided to come back to MW2. WTF HAPPENED?! Now there are all of these cheating noobs that shouldn't even be allowed to play the game ever again. I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but now Ground War is all messed up too! Every match I join, the team I join with is LOSING right away, sometimes 7000-3500 or some crap like that. Then I leave the game and try to join another match. NOPE! Takes me right back to the same damn match I left over and over. This keeps happening until I get so pissed I feel like chucking the game disc out into the goddamn street. I looked up ways to keep that from happening. The answer I found was: "it randomly selects an open slot in a match and places you there". What a bunch of crap! There are hundreds of matches out there and it keeps putting me in the same one?! What was once a fun, competitive, and iconic experience is now a colossal waste of time for me and other gamers suffering from this. This is all due to the hackers and cheaters out there ruining the game for everyone else. These people should be held accountable and banned from Xbox Live altogether. That is all...

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          Re: MW2 Online Sucks!

          A lot of what you said is true, but really can't expect a 4-year-old game to have a lot of matches going on at once considering there have been 3 (almost 4) Call of Duty games released since MW2...

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