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    Create-a-Class.  What it could be or should be.


      Here's my idea:  A create-a-class system similar to "Pick 10" from Black Ops 2, only with improvements.  Please offer your thoughts and opinions. 


      *The total amount of points a player is given totals 20, but each specific weapon, perk, equipment, and attachment will have different values. 

      *Perks are no longer separated by tiers or color, resulting in the greater amount of combinations. 

      *The maximum amount of attachments allowed on each weapon is increased to 5.

      *Launchers and Shields are pieces of equipment that are used by pressing Left on the control pad (Xbox, PS), resulting in sidearms and melee weapons being the only secondary (or optional primary)


      Custom Class Values:

      Primary Weapons/Launchers/Shield = 4 points

      Sidearms = 2 points

      Perks = 2-3 points

      Equipment = 1-2 points

      Attachments = 1-2 points


      For example:



      MTAR = 4

      Dot Sight = 1

      Grip = 1

      Suppressor = 1

      Fast Mags = 1



      SIG Pro = 2

      Suppressor = 1



      Ghost = 3

      Lightweight = 3

      Flak Jacket = 3