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        60. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

        2.5K/D+ hardly play against any good players.  LOL.

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          61. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

          i have a 3.1 and 4.6 on separate accounts and i'll be the first to admit it's because 90% of the players in this game play with their controllers upside down




          while using their feet

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            62. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

            2.70 Hardcore only, W/L 12.7


            All you need to do is play in a party the whole time, with good people lol

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              63. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

              I have a 2.3 and when I play LP I rarely ever break a 2.0.  In Publics it is like playing against people with no hands and/or brains.

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                64. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

                W/L is if you play in a full party all the time.  I have a 7.0 and I play in parties a lot.

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                  65. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

                  my w/l is closer to a 3-4, except hardpoint which goes up closer to a 7 because there really aren't that many random teams that can keep me out of a hardpoint, a lot easier to carry teams if there's only one place that you have to focus on

                  i usually play with 1-3 other people but they're not really good, just rl friends

                  my k/d is probably that high because out of all of my friends i'm usually the one that has to put the tryhard pants on and carry the team otherwise we'd lose a lot more often



                  and yeah, it's a lot difficult to keep it up in league play

                  i played a few games and got to platinum division but cod really just isn't a game i want to take seriously, especially since almost everyone that matters is on xbox and i'm on playstation

                  i mostly just play the game to pubstomp with the rl friends, if i ever want to get back into competitive gaming i'd probably go back to quake since the states focus on solo play which would remove the need of looking for a team x:


                  i also need to cut down on the details, still too used to writing essays for college

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                    66. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

                    An interesting thread.  I would imagion the developers would have access to the global stats.  They would be able to tell us the descriptive statistics with regards to the KD ratio's of players.  You would need more than Excel to analyize that amount of data though - kind of puts the analysis out of most peoples reach.


                    The global KD (all kills: all deaths) ratio would have be nominally less than 1.  I don't think the amount of suicides would materailly effect this.


                    There is a whole bunch of BS that would make the results of little to no worth.  I don't know if anyone has ever looked at the leaderboards - the first 20 plus pages (thats as far as I got - I am at work LOL) have people that have impossible stats.  They are likely boosters or cheaters.  I imagion there are similar problems with the other end of the data. 


                    You would have write off a lot of bad data to get a good picture of a 'normal' player.  From my glance at the leader boards there is a lot of garbage in there. 


                    One thing I would like to be able to see is an analysis of time played vs KD, KD vs SPM etc...

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                      67. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

                      I think this is an unfair generalisation, All I do is play league play and my K/D is 1.45. If all you do is play TDM honestly you

                      should probably have at least a 3 k/d

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                        68. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

                        That makes no sense. None whatsoever.


                        That is like saying: "If you are studying Electrical Engineering, you should have an above average grade on your engineering exam because that is your major"


                        If you cannot see how ridiculous that is... well whatever lol.

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                          69. Re: What is an Average K/D ratio?

                          lol no


                          1.9 to 2.2 is not tryhard thats easy as hell


                          more like legit running around no camp or boost 5+ is tryhard

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