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    Looking for Clan tryouts

      Hi i am looking for a clan to try out for. Please be a good clan that has a clan website or more than 3 members. I am fairly decent and and active player. I am low ranking but have had multiple accounts. IGN: ANM. Email me for my code at maganandrew12@ gmail.com

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          You could try out for the [DHC] clan. We're a normal clan, no trickshotting (ok, maybe occasionaly...) You must be able to know all the maps well, be able to snipe decently and have a good knowledge of what guns to use and where. As far as I know, we only have 2 members at the moment, but that's because we're a fairly new clan, add me and message me if you do and we'll talk about it in game Code = 3967-3499-7806

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            Hey bro you can come tryout whenever but we are the cLeaR clan and we need two more players for our competitive team just add me @ cLeaR_Rogue