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    Invisible glitch

      Please fix that.


      More and more are doing that glitch that make you invisible, and immortal.


      That's clearly a cheating glitch exploit.



      Someone will hear.

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          1. Re: Invisible glitch

          just played mw3 hardcore kc and a player named NaMoUrDu57 on ps3 was invisible cheating scum these games are getting worse and they need to ban consoles .

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            2. Re: Invisible glitch

            Two sabotages lobby in a row. LoveXion and EnforcE_ShadowzZ were doing Invisible glitch. Others guys was also doing it days ago, but i can't remember their names. It's seem that glitch is spreading very fast. I don't know how it's works, but i believe it's related to a problem that 2 players can't be at the same place at the same time. That's what i heard, didn't understand it much though.


            Add to list of cheaters/exploit:



















            IX----81Gz----IX (or LX----81Gz----IX)




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              3. Re: Invisible glitch

              I don't know if reporting these guys (even using the in-game reporting system) will do much good.  I was killed by a one of these invisible hackers the other day (he went 45-0) and reported him, but when I went onto Elite to look him up it just came up with a "not available" screen.


              Same thing happened with a hacked domination lobby when I tried to check on the obvious hacker (bright flashing colored name).  Not available.  They seem to be able to cover their tracks.

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                4. Re: Invisible glitch

                Hacked lobby is a different issue. The invisible is a glitch. Everyone can do it as long as you know the tricks. It's not a hack. So, It could and it should be fixed.

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                  5. Re: Invisible glitch

                  A hack may not be the same thing as a glitch, but that still doesn't explain why the "invisibility glitcher" that I ran into didn't seem to have an account when I looked him up the next day. 


                  I can go into Elite and click on any name from my recent games and see their recent games and stats.  The only ones that failed to come up were the lobby hacker and the invisibility glitcher.  So unless the glitcher got banned overnight, he had to be using a hacked account.

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                    6. Re: Invisible glitch

                    ...And of course, I agree it should be fixed.  It made me give my head a shake; how did this guy run 30 yards and knife me from the front without me seeing him?  I knew it wasn't legit, but just hadn't seen it before.

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                      7. Re: Invisible glitch

                      We posted about this issue on the facebook of activision.



                      I report all invisible glitchers with the online report as: (exploit).

                      also i update my own lists of glitchers met in this post above.

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                        8. Re: Invisible glitch

                        I've been reporting them in game, via twitter to Activision and IWEnforcers as well as online websites with Sony and Activision. If this isn't patched before Ghosts comes out I'm switching to battlefield and CoD will have lost me as a customer.

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                          9. Re: Invisible glitch

                          I hope so. mwf3 version is still 1.8.515.1


                          Recently, i've seen less glitchers, but maybe 2-3 days ago i saw alihaiy still doing the glitch even if i reported him/her a couples of times. I don't know. If the game isn't fixed, and more glitchers appear i'll probably switch back to black ops 1. (if possible)

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