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    Name and Shame the Hackers

      Who do we complain to about the hackers?


      My nephew was level 55 or something and hackers invaded his game and made him 0.


      He was very upset by this.


      The Hackers gamertags were DUBVGAMER and xTHATKUSH420x


      Who would I complain to about this?

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          Re: Name and Shame the Hackers

          Sadly the ones that you can complain to are simply unable to do anything about this type of Distructive Behavior...


          I was Hacked the same way, I called Activision, Nintendo lodged a complaint with No actions resolved, the Game and /or design of it there is just no ability to stop ir or Fix what has happened to us.. Besides the game is nearly 4 yrs old and they are having ehough Problems with every game the they brought out since with the Same issues and damaging results from hackers....


          Unfortunately Like I did , you should delete the Profile and start over on a new one, your stats will not come back to what you had before the chalenages that were completed may still be there but like mine when this happened it put me into a negitive XP points and Kills ratio that I would never be able to level up again...


          Remember their Names and when you see them again or if something isn;t right in the game your in Simply leave it ASAP so not to promote the Hackers making them think we enjoy geting screwed like that or the inability to kill them... If we leave the game they have no one to play against... they will hopefully get bored and Die a horrible death...

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              Re: Name and Shame the Hackers

              Ps, look at the leader board in the Globle Kills page, You will see ALL the Hackers Names with their Stats all Messed Up, with the -2147900000 numbers in them or the like, the firs 200 are hacked then compare them to the time played in the Score portion they only have several minutes to a few days logged in the game,,, then remember all their names as well, then leave that lobby to get away from them as well...

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