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    Are you tired of running solo? Do you want to win more games? Well apply for xNoA today!

      Clan Name: NationofAssassins

      Leader: Xkon-OBezzy

      Lvl: 42

      Members: 90

      Clan kd 1.67


      -2.00 kd or higher


      Were trying to recruit team orientated players. Were looking for players that are active daily,and play the game to win. Were looking for players that are willing to help out the clan in clan ops and/or clan challenges. We do clan battles,and have a league play team. We also are diverse,and play many diffrent game modes. The only thing we don't play is hardcore. Were looking to start a youtube channel to record our clan battles,and im carrying the clan into call of duty ghost for the ps4. Were currently not holding tryouts,but just message me on psn and we may be able to make a deal if you dont quite meet our requirements. If anyone interested in joining heres the link,and i would be looking forward to playing with you. https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/2275418