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    [PS3] [Global] Konahrik Gaming - More than just a clan!

      Konahrik Gaming Community


      Who are we?

      Konahrik Gaming is a fun, friendly and carefree Gaming Community. We proudly boast that we are not a clan. But what does that mean? It means you're free to play what you want, with whoever you want but if you want to find someone to play with then this community is for you.


      Konahrik Gaming is full of open minded and friendly gamers who love to experience new games and just have a laugh.


      We currently actively support and play the following games:

      • Battlefield 3: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655241739983132/

      • Black Ops 2: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/10281365

      • The Last Of Us

      But we hope to add many future titles to our collection once the PS4 is released. A couple of other games we regularly like to play together are: Payday: The Heist; Modern Warfare 3; Little Big Planet; Little Big Planet 2.


      Since we only started recently we are still a small community but we expect to be growing fast with our aim to just have fun. In the future, we also hope to be renting game servers, in various other games that you may like and is hugely requested by our current members.


      Black Ops 2 Section

      • Elite clan page with a 1.43 KDR

      • Active and friendly fellow clan members

      • Optional participation in operations and challenges - we don't bully you into being there!

      • No need to explain absences!


      What are we looking for?

      People who:

      • Love to have fun and don't take things to seriously.

      • Enjoy to play the objective

      • Are over the age of 14, with a mature and respectful attitude.

      • Have and use a headset with a working microphone.


      Got PS+?

      We regularly download and try the current free games on PS+ so if you feel like something new while just messing around, then we highly recommend joining us!


      In Summary?

      • Multi-game support.

      • Fun, friendly and respectful players.

      • No stress, no worry, carefree gaming.

      • Optional Challenges and Operations via Elite

      • Active and amusing members to game with.

      • Your opinion influences how we grow - become an important part in our future.


      How do I apply?

      To apply for Konahrik Gaming you should check out our website at: http://konahrikgaming.org and register on our forum. Once activated you can post an application using the template and a founder (myself or Westo77) will answer your application within 24 hours.

      Direct register link:http://konahrikgaming.org/forum/ucp.php?mode=register  (you may need to activate your account via email before being able to post an application).


      Any questions? Feel free to add me on PSN 

      PSN: Gemini-Cru