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    Ghosts, be our savior!

      I've been playing COD since COD4. So I've seen the good, bad and ugly of this franchise. The pinnacle being COD4 and rock bottom being black ops 2. Over the years we've seen great and not so great things from cod. Things like host migration and the pick 10 system were huge steps forward for the franchise. But things like lag compensation has ruined the experience for a lot of people over the last two years.


      Like every November for the last several years, I hope that Call of Duty Ghosts rekindles my passion for the COD series. I'm addicted to COD like heroin, but it doesn't mean I like it. There are certain things that I think needs to happen for COD Ghosts to be a success and I'd like to share my thoughts with you all and we can compare and discuss our thoughts. So here goes...


      1. Get Rid of Lag Compensation. It's a broken system and people with good connections are penalized while people with bad connections are rewarded. Lag is the main thing that ruins my experience. I've got a 2.33 KDR but at least 40% of my deaths have come as a direct result of lag.


      2. Fix the Spawns. I can't even count how many times I've died by the enemy spawning directly behind me. It happens at least 2-3 times every single game.


      3. Better maps! Black ops 2 has some good maps here and there. But for the most part it just looks like Treyarch has ran out of ideas. I heard that Ghosts were gonna have MW2 style maps which I welcome.


      4. Take auto aim out of Ghosts and Increase the raise time on all sniper rifles. There is no way in hell that someone with a sniper rifle should be able to raise their gun faster than someone not using a sniper rifle.  Also, make every sniper rifle bolt action to discourage spamming semi automatic sniper rifles. People in cod nowadays either quickscope or spam the rifle. There's a lot of balancing that needs to be done to sniper rifles.


      5. Everything needs to have a balanced counter. There are too many things in black ops 2 that is so over powered that they cancel out other things.


      A. PDA- Hack equipment from half way across the map? Please! One of the most op things every to grace a cod game. Get rid of it.


      B. Engineer- I use it. But only for a heads up against enemy equipment. In its current state engineer serves three purposes ( four if you combine it with the PDA ). I think the purpose of the PDA should be a part of the engineer perk. Meaning you have to physically be directly in front or behind the item you are trying to hack. Engineer should only serve two purposes. 1.) to see enemy equipment and 2.) to hack enemy equipment at close range. The ability to delay explosives needs to be removed. Although i do enjoy engineer for that purpose and stalker from mw3, the ability to delay explosions hurts the overall balancing of the game. If engineer is to remain a very powerful perk, it needs to be one of the last perks to unlock.


      C. Ghost- level 55 unlock for a watered down perk?!? It was a grind for anyone to make it through the first 55 in black ops 2 because everyone was running UAV's when the game first came out. If IW is gonna leave Ghost as it is now, it needs to be a low level unlock to give rushers an opportunity to defend themselves against corner camping UAV watchers. I'm okay with ghost, blind eye and cold blooded being separate from each other. But don't make the game total chaos by allowing everyone to spam UAV's because nobody has unlocked ghost yet.


      We are just a few hours away from the Ghosts MP event. Hopefully we'll see and hear some encouraging news.


      Lastly, there are three modes that I am hopeful for in Cod Ghosts:


      1. Face off- I loved face off. Get rid of multi team. Nobody plays it. Face off was way better and I hope it returns in Ghosts


      2. Squad Mode- I'm hoping this is 4v4 MP


      3. War- This game mode was so much fun! Bring it back.


      And one more thing to IW, when you run out of ideas for maps, remember that you haven't brought back crossfire, ambush, backlot, bloc, bog, pipeline, shipment, wet works, Karachi, wasteland, derail, favela, high rise, invasion, rust or scrap yard yet. Hell why not release a " Nostalgic Pack " as one of Ghosts planned map packs? For $29.99 you get 16 classic IW maps from games spanning between cod4, mw2 and mw3?


      Those were some of my thoughts. Please give me your opinions



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          Agree with everything, but #4, they can't take it out of the game if Ghosts is using the Quake engine like Black ops 2 is using now.


          Yes i would love to see it gone, but at the same time i'd rather them fix things they can fix asap, rather then spend day and night fixing something that would take ages to fix.

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              I agree there needs to be things fixed before sniper rifles like Lag, Lag, Lag and bad spawns. But, QS'rs are in the minority and addressing that issue would be welcome to most of the community I think.

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                  Main reason to lag is caused from your network connection.


                  Quick scopers abuse an ingame mechanic that's only present because of the engine CoD is running on atm. If you want to do anything to quickscopers and have it done imediately, then make it a punishable offense, other then that, there's no other thing they could do other then what they just done in the recent patch.

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                One more thing to add, the infamous EMP grenade. Where do I even begin? This thing needs to be nerfed! It is so overpowered and destroys strategy and balance. If the EMP is to remain as powerful in Ghosts as it is in Black Ops 2, it needs to be the highest level unlock, a prestige unlock or a score streak.

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                  No insult intended but wake up! There is no salvation, nothing will change. If this game frustrates you, the next one will probably do the same.

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                      I agree to that. But like I said in my original post, I'm addicted. I'm just hopeful for a better experience this year. Black ops 2 and I got off on the wrong foot right out of the gates. sitting in lobbies for 20 minutes and freezing my playstation 6 times a day for the first two weeks wasn't a good way to make an impression.

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                          SilverBacKBaMF wrote:


                          I agree to that. But like I said in my original post, I'm addicted. I'm just hopeful for a better experience this year. Black ops 2 and I got off on the wrong foot right out of the gates. sitting in lobbies for 20 minutes and freezing my playstation 6 times a day for the first two weeks wasn't a good way to make an impression.

                          How is it one is addicted yet find so many faults on the game they are addicted to?


                          This game was a decent game with issues like many other video games, they have made changes to better balance everything out, and it was most present in this game. Ghost will represent yet more changes, and more balancing. So don't kid yourself, things will become frustrating, things will never be perfect, they will do as much as possible and the things you requested to be "fixed" probably wont!

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                        You want to get rid of things that are not the problem:


                        Lag Comps - very much needed removing it will ruin the game's ability to play 100%.


                        Auto Aim - it's impossible to play a FPS without it.


                        PDA - seriously, no one uses it and it does not hack halfway across the map, I'd say it's range is slightly larger than that of an EMP grenade.


                        EMP Grenades - They were in MW3 and were the exact same as they are now. The reason why they're so popular is because of the insane amount of equipment usage. There range really isn't that large, it's just that the maps are so small.

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                          Call of Duty: Ghosts will be no more than a copy. Sorry, I don't know what you expect to see in BO3.

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                            Why do people that play CoD always moan that something is over powered? You hacked my Betty!! BLACK HAT OVER POWERED. Hmm I can't camp here because your Engineer perk delays my claymore!! ENGINEER OVER POWERED!


                            Just deal with it and start using the over powered weapons/perks/equipment to your advantage like everybody else is.


                            The PDA is not able to hack anything from half a map away and for the bigger equipment or scorestreaks it takes longer and sometime 2 PDA's to hack.


                            The EMP is one of the best nades ever to be put into the game. It's a Magnetic Pulse and it is how it should be. People use so much equipment and randomly place Betty's and Claymores all over the place so the EMP is used to combat against that along with the PDA and Engineer Perk.


                            Lag or Lag Comp will never be removed because without the Lag Comp the game would be 100% unplayable.


                            Lag or Lag Comp is based on Latency, distance from the host, Ping and Packets dropped. Nothing can be done to change any of that together to make the experience better.

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                              Sorry but you sound like a butthurt camper. Ohhh no Ghost doesnt work the same anymore. Oh nooo they can hack my claymore from 20 feet away. Your whats wrong with this game...


                              Now to GHOSTS. I want it to be amazing but im doubting it. Lean + dynamic map elements + deathstreaks. Im pretty fkn nervous tbh. Parasite played it ages before the pro reveal yesterday. He said "you'll have to wait to see how much i do or dont like it" Anyone who knows parasite reads between the lines with that sentence. So again, im pretty nervous

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                                MW1 is a great game, revolutionary for its time. I wouldnt go as far to say its the highest quality or best CoD.


                                For one MW1 was the epitomy of emptying a clip into someone and them insta kill you. "Lag Comp" has come so far since then. Faster connections mattered somewhat in MW1 but not that much. Everyone now is on even playing field. 


                                Not to mention lag in general is so much better now. No where near as much lag.


                                And as far as spawns, MW1 is also the epitomy of having an enemy spawn right beside you or you spawn right behind them. That happens about every other spawn on MW1.

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                                    You're an idiot you know that?  I hate people who defend lag comp, saying you need it, without it the game wont work and all that bullshit, COD 4 and MW2 never had that crap, and it ran near perfectly. But you've gone to the extent of PRAISING it? WOWWW. just, ******* wow. Even playing field my ass. How the **** is it an even playing field nowadays when with my premium internet, I get owned around corners by people running off their phones or iPads as hotspots? And yes, I ask them after the match in the lobby, and they tell me. I check their KDR and it'll be somthing like 0.6, and there score per minute will be half of mine.. but for some 'mysterious reason' they just hit one bullet next to me, and I'm done. They see me first around corners and bullets get bent, when i try to take cover or evade. Even playing field my ass, they just went from one extreme to the other. It's still uneven and unbalanced as ****. They just put this system into place to make more shitcunt casual players happy, so more people can buy this game, and Activision can sleep well at night with nearly $5 Billion in profits each year.


                                    "MW1 was the epitomy of emptying a clip into someone, and them insta kill you". First of all it's spelt 'Epitome', learn to spell, otherwise you look and sound stupid. Secondly, are you ******* KIDDING ME? That's like the exact description of every Treyarch game, shoot a million bullets into the guy, having to reload after every kill even if you're running extended mags, because half the bullets don't give you hit markers, only to be killed with 1-2 bullets by the **** noob, and you barely get red screen, you just die.. INSTANTLY. Sounds to me like you had the **** connection back in COD 4 (or in fact, you probably got  COD 4 recently, considering how you're trying to be polite about it 'great game for its time') and now Lag Compensation has become your saviour. Seriously dude, you've got it all wrong. Watch some youtube videos which show proof and evidence to lag comp, broken cameras and ping spikes in gun fights, all of which exist in BO2. I swear, Treyarch couldn't make a well functioning game to save their lives.

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                                    Just stop and buy the game. Then the week after come back on the forums are complain about the game and how BO2 was the last best game.