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    Movement and Player Control

      These are just some Ideas of my own which are still in development and everything is likely to change at some point and nothing is really set in stone.

      If you would like to share some of your own ideas or thoughts on mine ideas, then leave me a comment or send me a Private message.


      Movement and Player Control

      All movements are going to relate back to P/PM’s and most things you can do with them you should also be able to do without, but should require more player input anything that doesn’t should be player activated or be regulated by the fatigue system.


      Dynamic Movement


      The idea behind Dynamic Movement is to basically; rather than having a your usual limited number of animation for any given sequence, each sequence should have two to three different variant on the original sequence. The use of which are either randomly chosen, based on the characteristic of the character model for example the difference between snipers and smg players, and or based on how the player chooses to complete a sequence; holding aim while waiting for the reloading sequence to end currently effects how animation finishes, in Black Ops and MW3. What I purpose is an expansion upon this to give the illusion of dynamic movements. I’m aware that MW3 has attempted to apply some of these action already with a major difference between to the movement of player with heavy weapons compared with litter smg’s, but currently from what I can tell this only applies to the 3rd person prospective I would like to see it applied to both 1st and 3rd.

      Cover System

      Cover systems in games are often controversial as they can have a major effect on the feel of a game, and I understand the reason why. Often cover systems are taken as a system in the game that is almost separate from movement and applies its own set of conditions on the player like keeping the player on a rail system against a wall.


      This isn’t what I would purpose, instead of the player having to make a choose between using cover or not and the consequences of doing so or even being magnetised to an object if straying too close, I would have the system work for the player without consequence and player choose. This to say conditions would apply to a characters stance both 1st and 3rd person to decrease the exposed area in view of potential enemies, this should also automatically without hindering the player’s ability to move, aim or shoot. This system would apply based on the players distance from a wall or objects; players should be able to freely move towards or away in any direction, horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Idea is to have the players character act dynamically with its environment.

      1st person

      The player body stance should shift around without blocking their ability to move freely; gun and body would move based on its position but without effecting the position of the gun barrel.


      3rd person

      This would apply in exactly the same way from 3rd person; moving freely without moving the position the player is facing.


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            Re: Movement and Player Control

            Your ideas are not fit for a fps game like Cod. they are more designed around a mmo or rpg game like borderlands. They would not intergrate well in fps game such as how cod is played.

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                Re: Movement and Player Control

                OH look someone's idea made it into the next CoD; it might not have been directly influence by this post but the system I proposed is in game and works exactly as I envisioned it working. Perhaps I could have been more descriptive in this post original but clearly someone out there was thinking along the same line as me and the Far Cry 3 developers because this system is now in cod and works perfectly. (from what I've seen) Though I ain't (no) fool; I realise this post probably had almost nothing to do with game development but it's nice to see it work the way I imagined it would.


                It's to bad there's so many other things turning me off this game; I'm no longer getting this on release night. Instead I'll wait, play it at a friends for some length and see if the main bug to bear that I have with cod is resolved. If not they'll have completely lost me; sad really I've played since 1 and began loosing patience with it from 6 but now I've lost my interest almost completely and I'll not push it further. I'm being smarter about this one; I'm not just gonna buy it for the brand name, I can deal with some basic gameplay mechanics but if I can still tell when the game's lagging, it's not worth putting up with the gimmicky add on's.

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