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      APEX is Recruiting

      we have been running for a year now. Gold clan tag, title for MW3.

      PSN: APEX_TGT Email: apextgt2@gmail.com

      ______________________ Clan links ______________________


      A Facebook and APEX  (APEX_TGT) on Twitter Page for quick updates on Clan news and to help members of the clan. Go to the APEX Clan site to apply, and apply on the Clan HQ.APEXTGT - YouTube and APEX_SiXWiRED to show off our awesome clan.

      ___________________Perks of joining____________________


      1. Regular party with gold clan tag

      2. Be on Youtube and our site

      3. A Non-judgeful and Active Community

      4. Winning and lots of fun



      1. Applicants must be (15) years old or older. (exceptions can be      made if you can prove your maturity)

      2. Must complete an application on our website (Request to join)

      3. You must display maturity, and respect all.

      4. No K/D requirements - willing to learn

      _____________________Games we play___________________  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

      Red Dead Redemption (RDR), Grand Theft Auto 4 (GTA 4), Modern Warfare 3 (MW3), and Black ops 2 (BO2)

      The clan starter on RDR then went to GTA 4 and MW3.

      The only games we have plans to lay down roots in is GTA 5.

      I will take suggestions for games that we should play but keep in mind the games we do play now are my top priority.

      Red dead redemption website

      Grand Theft Auto IV website

      Modern Warfare 3 website

      Black ops 2 website

      NOTE: Only PSN